1. rleiman

    Some Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 questions before I purchase it.

    Greeting everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 e-bike and have a few questions. My first set of questions are about the weight of the bike. Can I remove the battery to reduce the weight enough so I can actually lift it up and down some stairs to take it outside...
  2. Carolyn T

    Is there any Ebike for a 6"4' Bigger guy?

    Taylor's first gorgeous and powerful Ebike At the beginning he worries about if a 6"4' bigger guy could ride an ebike and finally becoming his all-time favorite bike.
  3. L

    Would you want cost $799 for A2 folding ebike?

    A2 folding ebike, which is a good ebike, now sale price is $799 after discount, do you think it’s worth it?
  4. J

    Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review

    Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review So, I recently treated myself to the Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Ebike by TN Ebike, and man, it's been a blast! Overall this bike is a great choice for people who love vintage style Ebike, here are some points I would love to share with those who...
  5. dialing_wand

    My Grin Giant

    Origin bike: Giant ATX 870 '97. Origin story: I'd been using this bike as my winter commuter while I lived in Montréal. It came with me out east when we moved here. After an LBS failed to let me know that an e-bike I'd had on order (with a supposed "we can absolutely get this for you") wasn't...
  6. N

    Corroded a New Chamrider E-bike Battery and Warranty Lie

    Hi everyone, I bought a Chamrider 48V18.6AH ebike battery on the last black friday from Aliexpress(their official seller). I'm posting this to warn others about Chamrider seller and looking for a way to fix it. Because of the long winter, I could have mounted it to use in April on my bike. I...
  7. C

    Choosing between two eBikes - is it worth the extra?

    I'm looking to get an eBike and, based in the UK, I've narrowed it down to two models. My max budget is £2,000 though I'm hoping to spend less. There's the Riverside E, here, which is £900. It seems to get good reviews, and the Batribike Gamma X, which is £1899. The major differences seem to...
  8. P

    Velotric ebike Rewiew

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient ebike for your daily commute or leisure activities? Look no further than the Velotric ebike! In this comprehensive review, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Velotric ebike, from its features and specifications to its performance and...
  9. D

    48v battery only lasting about a mile

    I have a 750 watt ebike powered by btn electic bikes. Currently has 440 miles on it. 48v 12.5Ah battery. When I first got it there was no problem riding full throttle on the way to the store and back (about 4 mile round trip) but over the past few months the range has been dropping now I can...
  10. Davy2011

    36v Controller Wiring Help?

    So I got a new ebike to work on, but there's a downside. I can't find the controller's wiring diagram anywhere onllne. I originally found the bike online called "MacWheel Ranger". This one looks to be a 350w model. I can't find what wires go where. I got this bike 4 days ago and i've been...
  11. Solarcabin

    Gas Prices Getting You Down? Get An Ebike!

    Gas Prices Getting You Down? Get An Ebike! I have a country store about 10 miles from my cabin and I ride my Ebike there just about every day doing 30mph. That is the Ariel X 52 volt and has a 40 mile range. No gas., no license and no registration required and I get some fresh air and exercise...
  12. M


  13. M

    What are the most important factors when buying an ebike?

    Hi friends, I am planning to buy an ebike which I will mainly use for commuting to work (20 km two ways slightly hilly route). I also am planning to make some long distance trips (at most 80 km per day -- I could charge it overnight for the next day). I have considered several options, and the...
  14. C

    What Ebike should i choose?

    Hello people.I m really new to ebikes world and i need your help. I want to get an electric bike but my budget is below 500 euro . I live in a city where we have up roads and its not flat at all. I am 80kg and 1.80 weight and here is two options i have in my mind right now. The first one costs...
  15. S

    Wanted: light ebike with throttle

    Hello, I'm new to ebikes, and am looking for some recommendations! I'm looking for an e bike that: is lightweight (preferably 30lbs or less) is stealthy looking has 3 bike modes (manual, pedal assist, and throttle) is suitable for someone who is 5'4 has a kickstand has suspension can be...
  16. F

    Speed for low price

    I want to get an ebike (or a moped or motorcycle) that can go up to at least 55kph and is under 3000$ CAD (or a little bit more if it’s really necessary). I am willing to build/modify it if need be but I don’t want something that looks like a DIY project done by a 12yo. I already got a Sondors...
  17. ebike888

    I think my New e-JOE Bike is way faster

    I just unboxed the e-JOE JADE 750 Comfort Cruiser .It can go up to 34 mph but with me 210 lb easily going 28+ on throttle only . I think its kind of too fast for ebike
  18. ebike888

    Hello From Sunny California

    Hello Guys, I am glad to be part of this forum. I love riding ebikes. I own about 8 ebikes so far and making videos about ebikes on my Dad's Channel . I love to hear feed back about your ebikes , feel free to share
  19. amayers

    Priority Embark ebike for sale in Virginia (SOLD)

    I have a 2019 Priority Embark e-bike for sale. This is the Large 21" size, so suitable for someone with ~32+ inch inseam. It's a Class 1 (20 mph) peddle assist bike with a Bosch powertrain, 400w battery, Gates carbon belt. See the attached PDF for the original spec sheet. In addition to the...
  20. Neeko DeVinchi

    Old, not obsolete!!!!

    So I started a similar thread on EMTB Furoms with a somewhat positive success. But I figure that EBR would be a better and appropriate place to continue the theme over here. Hopefully, this thread will give confidence to both veteran and new comers to ebikes that (subject to maintenance)...