Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review


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Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review

So, I recently treated myself to the Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Ebike by TN Ebike, and man, it's been a blast! Overall this bike is a great choice for people who love vintage style Ebike, here are some points I would love to share with those who intend to purchase Dalat V1 so you guys can have some ideas in mind about the bike.

1/ About the design

- The bike has a unique design with a long brown leather seat (The part I love the most about this bike). The seat is very comfortable, I could ride whole day without having any pain. The frame is very solid, paint is smooth and flawless. However, the frame is quite high a bit for me cause I'm a bit short (5'4") but still manageable. I do believe the frame is ideal for people from 5'5" up so keep in mind that.

- In addition to that, I love how they layer all the wires, very organized and well made. The controller is also carefully put under the seat to prevent water. It is rated with waterproof IP67, I am able to ride it under light rain, but it is always better to be extra careful and wrap the battery with plastic wrap if you have to ride it under the rain.

2/ Power

- In terms of power, I must say this bike is a beast, you can reach the speed up to 47km/h in mode 5 with throttle only, they do also have a setting to limit it to 35km/h if you want it to be less powerful 🙂. The 750w motor is always a good option for those who want a bike that can climb steep hills easier. The pedal assist is also smooth and responsive, kick in right the way after you pedal a bit.

3/ Performance

- In terms of performance, the front suspension is not as smooth as my previous mountain bike but still acceptable cause I use it mostly for daily commutes to work and cruising on the street. The brake system is mechanical not hydraulic brake but It provide enough power to help me stop on time. TN Ebike do provide optional hydraulic brake upgrade for those who want to upgrade it (around $200-300), reasonable price but the mechanical brake serve me well anyway. The bike also comes with quality tires in my opinion, 20x4 CST tire, very smooth on the road and stable, fat tire is always a great choice when you are living in Canada so that you can use it both summer and winter time.

4/ Features

- About features, this Ebike comes with everything you need. They have a big bright front light, rear light and also signal light. I love the way they add a signal light to the bike cause I do not have to use my hand every time I make a turn anymore 😂.

3/ Range

- The bike come with long-range 15AH battery. I did give it a full range test ride with Uber Eats Ebike delivery after the day I bought it to see if the advertisement is true 😂 so here is my honest range review: about the setting, I set the pedal assist level at level 3 and not using the throttle in order to save battery for the whole day. First I took the bike and rode it to the TTC station to take the bike to downtown Toronto. I reached downtown and start my first delivery right the way at 1pm. I worked until 4pm and the battery only lost 2 bars of juice. Then I took an 1-hour break. After that, I was able to work until 9pm and the battery reached to 1 bar. So overall I have around 7 hours range in one full charge at pedal assist level 3 continuously (~70km in range) with the 15AH battery. Happy with the result, enough battery for me to do the delivery whole day! They do also selling extra battery at $475 (not bad for a 15AH battery) for those who want to extend their range

4/ Conclusion

- To sum up, This bike is a good choice for people who love retro vibes like me. The price is very reasonable $1799 straight (I bought it when they launched a no-tax event) which is quite a good deal for a decent bike like this. From 1 to 10, I would rate the bike 9/10 (one minus point for the suspension lol). I'm sure once you purchase and ride it on the road, you will keep being stopped by people to ask about the bike 😂 I have received many compliments from people about the design of Dalat V1.

Here is the store where I bought the bike from


Here is the link where I purchase the Dalat V1



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