vintage electric bikes

  1. J

    Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review

    Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Electric Bikes Review So, I recently treated myself to the Dalat V1 Vintage Retro Ebike by TN Ebike, and man, it's been a blast! Overall this bike is a great choice for people who love vintage style Ebike, here are some points I would love to share with those who...
  2. K

    Cafe Vintage Electric - First EBike?

    Hi everyone! I am a college student looking for a bike to commute with/also just use to explore my city more. I live in a fairly hilly area so I want a bike that would be able to power through some hills. My commute is about 25 km with lots of up and down. I have found that the Cafe bike by...
  3. F

    hi from Lanzarote

    hi all, i am Robert from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in front of Africa. I am a green living enthusiast. Our house is powered by the sun and we are running a paragliding school in Famara. We have two Vintage Electric Etracker bikes and as you can imagine now that they are 4 years old...
  4. christob

    My VEB Cafe thread. (1st Year Recap: post #83)

    Hello from Northern Virginia! Today I took delivery of my first-ever electric bike, the Cafe, a pedelec made by Vintage Electric Bikes out of California... I am looking forward to bringing a lot more biking into my life; the last time I rode a bike was probably 12+ years ago. My goal is to soon...