Tires becoming colorful?

Jacky Zhou

Why do so many E-bike brands like to make their tires in various colors now? (Like the first photo) Some look good with e-bike colors, and some are weird. Is the traditional completely black tire on its way out?(Like the Sencod photo)
What's your guys' opinion on this?
What are your thoughts if tires could come in a choice of colors?
Given 'gumwall' tyres or the likes have been around for as long as I can remember and well before that, I wouldn't see this as an 'electric-bike' thing. More of a tyre manufacturer's choice in combination with a bicycle manufacturer's choice to specify these tyres.

This article provides some interesting insights into these types of tyres.
I was on a Hunting site and they had a bike tires that had molded Deer Hoof prints on the tires, was kind'a neat, to see the imprints left behind, and if I remember right they were camo colored.
There seems to be several Colorful tires for the kiddy's bike now, I have been seeing in stores.
My yubabike came with white tires. One lasted 700 miles then went flat. Freedomcycle or somesuch.
I changed to blackwall knobbies from kenda or giant which usually go 2000 miles without a flat. When the knobs get down to 3/32" tall I change them out.
Gum wall tires just look classy! And white walls as well. When I was a youngster we had colored tires for bmx bikes. I like weird and colorful myself.