Hello! and I think I want to build my very first ebike(compact cargo)!

Maybe you are right. I had to replace shifters on three of them and maybe I got them mixed up. The worst was the cruiser's rear wheel hub. That took a whole new wheel build, cassette, derailleur, and shifter. The factory hub was made out of a soft ripened cheese and not intended for that kind of torque.
I've had my Fiido T1 since MAR 2022, still going strong after 2.4k mi. on my recalled model T1, not even a flat tire, though tires are due for replacement.
Fat tire may feel cumbersome when compared to smaller 20" wheels, but once you are carrying significant weight with your cargo bike, the fat tire actually serves well as suspension without taco'ing your wheels.

I like the cargo ebike you built with small 20" wheels for the compactness.
But $999 for class3 750w hub motor cargo ebike.. seem reasonable to me over trying to build your own.

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