Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

A pic from this morning's ride:

Rode to the Peninsula. Photography is prohibited in the area due to military activities today. Pictures are from a few months ago on a Sunday ride.


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There was no wind when I parked under the windmill so it wasn't turning.

I could hear what must have been a HUGE air conditioner or some other piece of machinery running inside the windmill.

Those things are supposed to generate power, not use it !!??
It Was LOUD !!
It must have been using thousands of Watts. 😂

There was probably some Dude up in there that needed a nice air conditioned work space. 😂


I rode 61.5 km today with 3¼ hours in the saddle.
I went from 53.8 volts to 46.8 volts.
I didn't pedal and rode no-hands for half the ride.

I didn't get no exercise, but I was Completely Wiped Out !!
It was good to get out of the house.
The feeling lasts all day.
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Little clear cut action up on the hill.
Clear Cut.jpg

The perpetrator

Modern logger.jpg

Almost ready for replanting


As sad as this looks it is actually a sustainable forest management method here in the PNW. The timber is destined to become 2x's down on the valley floor, the slash piles will house critters and eventually be burned and the area re-planted where in another 40 (count the rings on the farthest right log) or so years the cycle will be repeated.

In the past it was all done pretty much by hand and the trees in this area were MUCH bigger also. Nowadays it is all done with machines and small crews. Still has to be hand planted though but that is made at least easier by how they now gather the detritus into piles which I still haven't quite figured out how they do it and want to catch them working that procedure some time.
Basically did last weeks ride but counter clockwise this time.
Decided to go hard and take few stops.
Started out on River Road again heading west and into higher than normal headwinds. Bumped the assist and pushed harder.

I wanted to get out today because the smoke from the wildfires is supposed to be very bad tomorrow. Today was just high elevation haze...

Rarely go down this road, but it is made for road cycling... Pic taken while riding...

Found a park I'd never seen before called North 40... Interesting history. Looks sort of like an old neighborhood with driveways that go nowhere...


First water stop just short of 40kms at the Mud Bay parking lot...

Short time later, a fastest 40k for me...

High tailed it home with a 50k ride...

I tried for a century ride on PA's GAP trail this week but had to settle for 91 miles. Still a personal best. Unfortunately, I burned up too much battery on the run up Big Savage Mountain, a 1730' climb in 23 miles.


If only there was a way to grab some volts from the wind turbines at the summit!

You could pack along your own turbine and set it up at the summit.
Actually, there is commercial power available on the pole in the center of the above pic. It's used to light the Big Savage Tunnel out of sight around the bend. It would be fairly simple to put a charging station at the base of that pole. If nothing else, just a 110V outlet for bikers to plug in their chargers.
Pictures of my ride today,..
I went down a trail that I shouldn't aughta went down,..


What a s*it show.
9 minutes my ass, it took my over an hour.
There were dozens of mud puddles that just kept getting worse.
I ended up dropping the bike more than ten times.
The front wheel would pick up thick muck that would get jammed in the fender and the wheel wouldn't turn.
I used a stick three times to try and pick out the crusty mud.


I finally got to the paved road and my tire was buzzing away from all the muck. The bike was drawing 850 Watts at 8 kph and I had to pedal just to keep it going.
Then it occurred to me to remove the fender brackets to get more clearance, so I found another stick on the side of the road, removed my fender brackets and scraped out about 5 pounds of hardened mud. 😂

So, it was a pretty good day. I learned more about my bike and got to practice self recovery.
Nothing broke and I got a new feel for my bike.
It feels really strange when your tire locks up but you still keep moving forward in the goo, but you can't steer and end up falling over.

I didn't actually fall myself, I just dropped the bike when it slid out from under me.

I might try that trail again tomorrow.
I'm thinking that if I keep my speed up to about 25 kph I might be able to use my massive 100 pounds of inertia to plow right through it. 😂
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At one point, my chain came off the cassette and looked stuck between the hub and backside of first gear (I dont have a dork disk), but it just popped back onto the sprocket by itself.


I also fell over half the time with the throttle locked, and the tire came off the ground and didn't get caught up on anything.
I just reached down and backed off the throttle.

So, I'm really happy with my e-bike.
It can take a s*it kicking and still keep going. Even my windshield and mirrors got through it unscathed, (I had my mirrors folded in) and all my electronics, battery and motor had no issues. My brakes worked fine as well (not that I needed brakes. 😂)
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I call that an adventure ride. Fixing to clean up my bike now.
I'm amazed how clean your cassette after riding in mucky pathways.
On my range mud is clay very difficult to clean after it's dried, mud on your bike looks concrete or something.
I avoid these paths after heavy rains.
It's a short cut on my commute to work.


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I'm amazed how clean your cassette after riding in mucky pathways.

I don't pedal.
My cassette has about 30 km on it.😂

I did buy wax and boil my chain on the stove when I first got my ebike.
Wax isn't messy.

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