Ride1Up Gravel Roadster V2, Can't Find Spare Parts


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In the past few days, Ride1Up emailed promotional pricing on spare/ replacement parts that are very attractive. For example, the "Complete rear wheel of the Ride1Up Gravel V2" from $220 to $100 - wow! Turns out that after several emails, support chats and even more days, the "complete rear wheel" is NOT complete and consists of rim, spokes and hub motor. Still, it's good deal considering to re-spoke the rear wheel costs around $150 or more, I know, I paid for it.

I'm interested in having a complete wheel so that if/ when I have a flat or another broken spokes problem, I can easily and very quickly swap wheels and not loose a single day of biking since last time it cost me 2 weeks.

Most components are not included in the "complete rear wheel:" Tektro rotor kit, inner tube, tire and importantly, the 22T Gates CT1122SMN cog/ sprocket but crucially, the black anodized aluminum cog spacers which are assembled before (long spacer) and after (short) the Gates 22T cog. I cannot find the spacers required to assemble the 22T cog to the hub anywhere. Of course this also includes Ride1Up who does not carry or sell neither cog nor the spacers.
- Has any one disassembled the rear wheel and removed the Gates 22T cog? See Pic
- I disassembled mine when had to replace my rear hub wheel after many broken (defective) spokes in a short period but shame on me, I didn't measure the spacers Length, I.D. Internal Diameter and O.D. Outside Diameter.
- With the cog mounted in place, I'm getting +/- 20 mm and 6 mm for the spacers' lengths and about 44 mm for OD. Precise measurements would be appreciated.
- Does anyone have the slightest hint on where to purchase these rear wheel black anodized aluminum cog spacers?


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