*7.5k miles, 500k ft altitude gained* Roadster V2 w/ extended battery *UPDATED*

I wondered the same thing as I appreciated the great reviews by PSm and Solliex (thanks you two!!). I did just get a 52cm Roadster on their sale and so far really like it though it's pretty early. I might give my impressions later, but it is a really easy bike to ride. I did think about the Aero. For me it came down to the weight - 32-33# vs 44# - plus the potential of the battery extender. Looking forward to Solliex's ride review on the extender when he gets a chance. I see the Aero is now on back order, it would seem they sold a few so maybe reviews are forthcoming.
Glad to pass on my experience 😌. Make sure to pump up the tire pressure up to 80 psi, and the rolling resistance is quite low. The light weight of the Roadster really makes the difference for me!
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Thanks for the detailed review. I am looking for an good commuter ebike (last one didn't survive an accident) and the V2 is on the list. Has anyone added fenders to their V2? I likely am more interested in the gravel edition due to the larger tires (Chicago roads and weather!). Thanks in advance.
When I've contacted Ride1up support, they have pointed me to some posted FAQs, which have been helpful. They have one on fenders too https://support.ride1up.com/support...0173223-how-can-i-add-a-rear-rack-or-fenders-
**Update at 1800 miles**
The Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires at 95 psi have been fantastic. Super low rolling resistance, I feel like I'm flying 😀

Note that ride1up has some good FAQs on various topics. For example, turn on lcd display with two fingers, not one, so you don't crack the plastic mount unintentionally.

Get lots of positive comments from acoustic road cyclists after I pass them standing up going up in PAS 1, that think it'll be good for lazy rider friends of theirs. But it's really not for them, IMHO. Best for enthusiast riders, that want to crank. But also okay for casual riders if they are okay with some exercise, or only have flat roads to deal with, or short commutes.

*Btw, a few more differences of note with the Aero*
- Roadster has a belt drive that is very quiet. I really enjoy this. Sounds from a chain now seem so loud. But, you can't change the gearing as easily, compared to a bike with a chain. For me though, the belt is worth the trade-off. But if you can't handle the Roadster gearing (I have no problem with it), get a chain drivetrain.
- Rim brakes vs Disc Brakes: I prefer the rim brakes, for the lower weight and simplicity, as long as you have decent roads. My other ebike with disc brakes go out of adjustment more frequently, and get annoying squeaks. But if you have rough, pothole roads that might bend your rims, disc brakes are the way to go. In that case, Aero or Roadster gravel
- Roadster goes up to 24mph assist vs the 20mph of the Aero, making things more enjoyable. Doesn't seem like much, but for me it's a huge difference.
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Thx Solliex for the video.
I have to say I really like this bike and frankly I'm really surprised just how easy it is to ride. I actually like the narrow handlebars - really nimble.

The bike arrived with the front wheel really out of true. Box was ok, so a QC issue it seems. Ride1Up was responsive and wanted a video of course. Instead I just took the wheel to my go to LBS down the road (Corvallis Ebikes). Jeff is great and I can't say enough good things about them (They are a Espin dealer among other bikes, a Rad assembly location and also a Ride1Up service center). We trued the wheel and tightened a couple additional spokes. We also noticed that the axle was dragging. So we loosened the axle cone slightly. Perfect now! 20 bucks. Ride1Up did give me a $40 coupon which I'm fine with. One may want to check this (axle tightness) out on your own bikes.

Done a couple of range tests myself. #1 - Completely charged the battery, then rode in an area with some hills. 10% no assist, 80% level 1, and the other 10% in 2 (mostly), 3 (a little), 4 (tiny amount - fairly long steep hill) and 5 (about 20 yds because I was lazy as I crested the hill). Battery depleted at 27 miles. #2 - again completely charged battery. Mostly flat with some minor grades. Almost all in level 1 with some no assist and a tad bit of 2 and 3. No 4 or 5. Dropped to 1 bar at 24 miles. What I observe on my Roadster is when it drops to 3 bars you've probably at the half way point. So for me 25-30 miles is about my range without completely running the battery to zero. Probably further if I really wanted to, as my weight, the weight of bike and the gearing makes it fairly easy to ride at no assist. I'm 5'9", 151#'s, OLD (73) but in good shape as I have lifted weights for over 50 yrs, hike/backpack and do canyoning/rock scrambling (not rock climbing, those people are nuts!!).

Next step is to see just how much hill this bike can handle. I have some killers around me. Takes everything I have with my Yamaha mid drive ebike.
Oh btw. If you want to check if your front axle is spinning ok. Lift the front wheel and slightly rotate it. When it comes to a stop it should reverse spin a little before coming to a stop.
Solliex - Great job on the video, so much in-depth detail. I need to check out the Bontrager handlebar grips, since I've found my hands getting numb on the longer rides. And I think you sold me on the Extended Battery add-on, especially the tip that it'll keep the batteries in a higher voltage range, and have a longer life.

OrTrek - I find that I'm getting similar results, if I'm using the PAS in a similar way.

If I'm trying to go as fast as possible, with my FULL EFFORT and PAS 3 up to 5 with flattish roads and a few minor hills, I can get 15-20 miles to an empty battery averaging about 18-20+ mph.

If going at a more normal pace, and mostly PAS 1, I can get 20-30 miles to an empty battery averaging 14-16 mph

If going purely for distance, and PAS off or 1 for flats, and slight hills standing up, as mentioned I've gone 60 miles but with significantly lower average speed 12-14 mph.

One other tip - Voltage Lag is a problem when the battery voltage is lower and you are in a high PAS level. Ride1UP has an FAQ about it, and I've seen the same problem with all of my other e-bikes. It results in the motor assist going to zero, under heavy load. It's usually at the end of my ride, going up an average 5-10% grade. Trick is to turn the power off. Wait up to a minute, and power back on, and put in PAS 1 and ride slowly. I've gone a few miles in this slower mode, which still allows you to have some assist, without going to zero.

I've been able to go up ANY hill, standing up, but the big ones really drain the battery down quickly, and I'm pushed to the limit of my physical capability. It's a fun workout though! Now if I had the extended battery ... hmm 😀
Thanks for the link. I completely missed that in your video! Much appreciated.

I don't know what your riding conditions are but how are those tires holding out for you? I've only ridden >2" tires so I'm a little concerned about the slimmer tires for the Chicago streets and weather. Thanks again.
Limited experience so far with bad weather on the V2 but I did have a pretty bad slide when I hit an ice crusted muddy puddle couple of weekends ago. Didn't hit the ground but slid to the left a few feet. Wet has been fine but snow and ice seems dicey to me. Chicago steets in the winter? Get a fat tire bike. I ride an Ecotric fat tire as well and that thing goes in all conditions. I've run that bike down the sledding hills in town. Fun but hard on the rear derailleur. Let me suggest Carhart insulated coveralls for your bad weather biking. Buy them on ebay used as they are broken in already and much more comfortable.
I am waiting to hear back from Ride 1 UP on projected shipping date on the Gravel Roadster. I think it looks pretty cool and I also like the disc brakes vs the calipers. I may sell my Espin Sport and at 33 lbs the Roadster will work fine on my new 1.25 inch hitch. The only bummer is no throttle...
Taylor57, have you looked at the Rize Fixie? Hydraulic disc brakes, kickstand, lights, 3 amp charger, single speed, class 1, but has a throttle option ($20). Still low weight at 34# supposedly. A little more expensive at $1499 + $20 for the throttle.
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Taylor57, have you looked at the Rize Fixie? Hydraulic disc brakes, kickstand, lights, 3 amp charger, single speed, class 1, but has a throttle option ($20). Still low weight at 34# supposedly. A little more expensive at $1499 + $20 for the throttle.
Just looked at Fixie. Interesting. Dont see any reviews on EBR and only a couple on Youtube. Right now, I would have to say the Ride 1 UP gravel is still on the top of the leader board..
Just looked at Fixie. Interesting. Dont see any reviews on EBR and only a couple on Youtube. Right now, I would have to say the Ride 1 UP gravel is still on the top of the leader board..
I looked at it also, and found 20mph vs 24 mph for the Ride1Up a con. On the Pro side I like the disc brakes, larger battery, lights and the optional thumb throttle drive. With a single speed, more battery is always better. For a lot of people range anxiety is a big deal. I still love my v2 :)
Actually the Rize can be set to class 1, 2, 3 in the controls (and if you get the throttle) and I believe they even provide different stickers when you receive it. But that being said I really doubt it weights 34#'s and agree with Solliex I just REALLY like the V2. So no regrets at all. In fact, the V2 gravel bike I do like a lot after riding the V2 Roadster and actually might get one. Now if I could just talk them (Ride1Up) into putting the Brose S on the Prodigy XC - as opposed to the BroseTF.
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I think I am going to pull the trigger on a Gravel Roadster. The bikes are still sitting in a warehouse in China per Ride 1 UP. The ports are still clogged up and who knows when they will ship. They told me to cross my fingers for December but realistically plan on Jan...
Hmmm... missed this thread.

I like that Rize Fixie... lightweight at 34lbs, belt drive, hydraulic disc brakes... and a throttle!
*UPDATED at 2k miles* *See 2.5k UPDATE below*
Roadster V2 is the best bike I've ever owned. Makes me smile every ride. Favorite of 3 current ebikes (others are an internal geared hub step through, and a heavier bigger battery longer range rear hub motor). Better than all the analog road or mtb bikes I've ever had. Great value and great purchase for entry into the ebike world.

15 weeks
1500 miles, *now at 2000 miles*
44.6 mph max speed reached
60 miles longest single ride (~90% of it motor off or PAS 1) mostly flat, including some decent hills
15 miles shortest ride on mostly PAS 5 with some hills

Rides really smoothly
Single speed and rim brakes keep it simple, elegant, low maintenance, lightweight
Maroon Red color is beautiful
Belt drive is so, so quiet
Light weight *this is key* makes it really easy to put in the car, or up stairs, *or ride PAS 1 or power off on the flats*
Price makes it a great value

LCD display is dim, and hard to see in sunlight
Handlebars narrow
Gearing is high, so big hills require a bit more effort
Paint scratches fairly easily
Not for those that don't actually want to exercise, and are looking for something more like a scooter
*If you are not comfortable doing light maintenance or adjustments of your bike, you may want to buy from a local bike shop. Similar for any direct to consumer bike company. But if you are not afraid of doing a little on your own, you reap the benefits and cost-savings by going mail order. You can save hundreds if not thousands of $, and that buys a lot of accessories, service, or a 2nd bike!*

Tips and Notes:
Definitely pump up OEM tires to 80 psi, for lower rolling resistance, so much easier to ride with motor off or PAS 1 *This REALLY HELPS*
Buy and use the inexpensive Gates Kricket tool, to properly adjust the belt tension, to just the right value *Belt tension is IMPORTANT*
Periodically spray the belt with Silicone spray to prevent squeaks
If you get clicking, I needed to tighten the rear cog slightly, or others have had to loosen slightly
Use Ride1UP email support for questions and help. They have been very helpful and responsive. *Note: like the support staff at any company, people have different levels of expertise, and Ride1up is no different. But if you're patient, you should be able to get answers and suggestions*

Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires, for even lower rolling resistance, based on bicyclerollingresistance.com reviews. Just received these, but haven't installed yet but will soon. *Installed these, and they are AWESOME! Though the OEM tires actually are decent, if pumped up to 80 psi*
Then if I can find the time, may try riding a Century (100 mile) ride. *Nope, this will be too much of a stretch. 60 miles is my limit*
Consider pedal Straps, for more efficient pedaling, on up and down strokes. I'm testing those out, but unsure if I want to use long-term
*Nope, too cumbersome. Not using these*
Different handlebar end covers, for improved cushioning and width
I'm thinking about the add on battery to essentially double the range, which is great for those that want and need it. But I value the lighter weight and ability to ride power off or PAS 1.
*Forgot that I also put on a suspension seat post. KEY for my comfort!*

Final Thoughts:
Pros way outweigh the Cons. Especially considering the price of admission. My next step up bikes for much more money would be Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL for $14k or Lemond Prolog for $5k, but may never need it. For less hilly areas, a great bike. Even for hills, for those willing to work for it, almost any hill climb is also do-able, for those that want to exercise and if reasonably fit. If range isn't enough for you, get the add-on battery.
*See member Solliex's posts on this thread and Forum, since he just got one*
For me, this is the closest a $1100 to $1500 light ebike will get, to a $5k Lemond or $14k Specialized. Great for enthusiast bike riders.
*Found that on a 45 mile ride in PAS 1 (and off for downhills), I can keep up with 18-20 mph packs of road cyclists, but the racers at 25-30 mph on the flats & rolling hills NO WAY! LOL.*

*2000 mile update*
Still loving the Roadster at 2k! Not much else new to report, but am likely getting the extended battery that few other models offer as an option. Getting 15 to 60 mile range currently, depending on my level of effort (!), and thinking I could get 80 miles+ with two batteries IF I really push myself.

Btw, a single speed bike is great for getting fit, and keeping you from being lazy. Standing up going up hills or for sprinting, provides much more of a varied body position and overall body exercise.

Only minor maintenance things I'd highly recommend, is to keep tire pressure high to minimize rolling resistance, use a Kricket belt tension tool to properly adjust belt tension, and periodically spray belt with silicone spray. That's about it! Great fun, exercise and a simple, elegant, affordable ebike
*2500 mile UPDATE*
Got the extended battery, and love it!

Just did a fast 50 mile ride, and it's a joy to not have the range anxiety. Only tweak, I put zip ties around the extended battery, so I don't hear a little rattling sound over bumpy roads.

Biggest benefit for me has been being able to be at 1 or 2 bars left, going up a 10-15% grade in Level 5, and not experiencing the motor cutting out (aka voltage lag - something I've had a problem with, on all of my ebikes of different brands, when battery is low). Extended battery takes care of that, and battery should last longer too over the long term.

Value beyond compare, for $1500 for a Roadster plus extended battery!
Can you send a link to the proper Kricket belt tension tool? Preferably Amazon, but any site will do.
Can you send a link to the proper Kricket belt tension tool? Preferably Amazon, but any site will do.
The model I got is the "Gates 91107 Krikit V-Belt Tension Gauge, Black" Having this is a must have tool IMHO, and best of all it's cheap!
The model I got is the "Gates 91107 Krikit V-Belt Tension Gauge, Black" Having this is a must have tool IMHO, and best of all it's cheap!
Good writeup Psm. What did you add to your handlebars? Can you send a picture? They are way narrow..