Pedego Latch V2


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Arlington, Virginia
I haven’t seen many reviews of the 2nd Gen folding Pedego Latch V2 introduced at the start of 2023. The main changes are to the drivetrain, they replaced the 36v 250w front hub and Nexus 3 IGH + gates belt combo with a 52v 500w rear hub motor and 18a controller, single speed with a 46t/12t ratio, still a Class 2 with a throttle.
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I wonder why they went to a single speed setup. It seems that it has lower utility, thigh the more powerful motor system is a plus.
Looks like a good bike. Though I would want some more cogs on the freewheel. It's always good to wank up the hill in a lower gear, or roll on a faster one.
For me, in the small bike category, I'll stick with my Huffy Oslos. At a $300 entry fee for a cheap ebike it's not too bad. Only a 250w hub motor, though I did replace the controller and there's a lot more power now. I also installed a 11-34 freewheel!
The thing rocks as a hopper bike.
I‘m interested in trying out folding bikes so yesterday I took a test ride on the Pedego Latch V2. My first time on a 500w hub motor ebike. Riding up hill I found the Latch V2 had plenty of power to go up hill at 15mph which is the programmed speed limit for the cadence PAS, just pedaling the PAS took a moment to kick in so I used throttle to get going. It’s geared for comfortable cadence at 15mph, but not to get going when unpowered, so it’s helpful that the throttle is responsive. Because the weight of the battery and motor is in the rear, the front of the bike feels light and I quickly learned I needed to be seated & holding the handlebars with both hands before twisting the throttle or the bike could wheelie. The throttle overrides the PAS up to the Class 2 20mph speed limit which I found useful when crossing wider busy intersections. I liked the safety latches that keep the frame and handlebar post from unlatching and the bike felt solid riding around bumpy city streets. The extra long seatpost is needed, both to accommodate taller riders, and because it acts as a stand for the bike when folded down, otherwise the bike can be tipped up to sit on its rack that has small rubber bumpers. This does mean the Pedego dealer suggested not swapping out the seatpost for a suspension seatpost but to use a sprung saddle. The ball and socket design that holds the wheels together when folded works well, and the bike can be rolled when folded in one direction, it can’t be reversed because then the cranks turn and lock up on the frame. Tire/tube replacement looked complicated, the horizontal dropouts have a tensioner that needs to be unbolted before undoing the axle nuts, sliding the wheel forward a quarter inch to remove the chain off the sprocket, but I liked how the main power cable is neatly tucked away under the left chainstay protected from damage. The brake light function and optional turn signals are nice to have when riding in town, as is the theft replacement policy when you buy one of their locks with the bike. Overall I liked the Pedego Latch V2, its a quality folding bike with a peppy motor that is a good hill climber.

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