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Be gone! Sun dispels the early fog…

Fog Rising over Story Bridge, Brisbane River

Story Bridge, Brisbane River
Queensland, Australia

Tuesday's ride was preceded by a train trip: fog had brought the motorway traffic to a crawl so I abandoned my easy option of dawdling up the Moreton Bay Cycleway which would have required almost an hour chasing someone else's taillights. Much better on the train: things don't go bump when one travels by train (shouldn't, anyway).

Near the city centre, I piled off—not that easy with an R&M Homage—and pedalled downstream beside the Brisbane River. By then the fog had lifted but still lingered around the upper storeys of the new apartment blocks but the Story Bridge was clear. (Anyone familiar with its Canadian sibling in Montreal, the Jacques Cartier Bridge?)

Surely, Stefan will have noticed the old warehouses are now in the care of Felon's Brewing Company (6 km on map)!

Appearing at the bottom of the photograph is a section of the New Farm Riverwalk—for cyclists as well as pedestrians!

Story Bridge: Location
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A little ride out through the North Bucks countryside.

Temperature was warm, but nice. However, there was a very strong breeze, which when gusting, riding in the head wind was a bit harder at times.

Mind you, old Wile E Coyotee won’t be chasing the Road Runner for while.

a ride the wife and I did that went along the Columbia river and some sloughs and such. the sandy river meets the Columbia there too. small planes coming and going from the troutdale airport it was about 95 while we were doing this got above 98 on the roads coming home.
Went to a wedding along the Sandy River a few years back. Very pleasant in the Uncle's rather interesting log HOUSE!
We were able to fit in our daily ride this morning but hunkered down the rest of the day due to a massive storm that passed through the area. Tornado warnings were posted throughout the rest of the afternoon and reports of severe hail damage to vehicles that occurred just outside the city along the QE2 as drivers had no place to take shelter from the storm.

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Size of hail near Markerville, AB.

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Holy crap. Hail storms like that have always been a nightmare for me as I enjoy auto detailing.
I imagine the body on that red car is pretty much totaled. Doubt those dents will all come out.