1. N

    2021 Diamondback Current gravel bike (Bosch Performance Speed gen4 w/Kiox) First Assembly Notes

    So the bike came direct from Diamondback in record time, less than 48 hours after I pressed the order button on the website - which I found to be amazing - Amazon Prime doesn't even really have two day shipping up here! It was sent from an XPO logistics warehouse in Ohio to northern Michigan...
  2. peejaygee68

    Wellgo folding pedal stuck in folded position

    Hi all, I have a Lectric XP Wellgo pedal that is stuck in the folded position. I can’t seem to push in the pedal to unfold it, and the other one works perfect. Any suggestions?
  3. peejaygee68

    New Lectric XP owner. So far, so great!

    Just received my first eBike, a Lectric XP. I live in Vancouver, Canada and only had a short ride yesterday before the weather turned on me. Initial reactions are all positive so far, and I would say that the bike is super solid build, very easy to ride, but takes a bit getting used to the power...
  4. J.R.

    Gotta a feelin' 21is gonna be a good year...

    Gotta be better! Happy New Year to all!
  5. D

    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    It's the start of a new decade of ebike adventures… Click photo to view full-size. Borallon, Queensland The sun has risen on a new decade of ebike adventures. I hope you will share your rides in words, photos, videos and maps. … David
  6. T

    USB power output possible from Bosch based bikes?

    Before I begin - I know about the Kiox, but am not wanting to pay upwards of AUD400/USD290/EUR240 at this time for an upgrade and install to replace the default Purion (ugh) with a Kiox control unit, especially given the price i’ve just paid for the bike (Trek Powerfly 4 2021). So - is anyone...