USB power output possible from Bosch based bikes?


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Before I begin - I know about the Kiox, but am not wanting to pay upwards of AUD400/USD290/EUR240 at this time for an upgrade and install to replace the default Purion (ugh) with a Kiox control unit, especially given the price i’ve just paid for the bike (Trek Powerfly 4 2021).

So - is anyone aware of any easy ways to get USB power output from a Bosch based bike without significant mucking around?

i.e. is there anyone who already a USB-A or USB-C cable at one end, with the appropriate connector at the other for plugging into (or can bridge off an existing connection from) the motor, that you would then thread through your bike, and plug a phone or other device into for the purpose of charging.

Be interesting to know if something like this exists, and thanks anyone who can help with this question.

If this is what im thinking and your wanting to get a USB port on a Display, the Intuvia has a Micro USB port on the side of the display