1. TimDean

    Trek FX+2 charging issues & charger reset

    TLDR: Trek FX+2 won't charge, no LED on charger, bike charge lights initially come on for 5 seconds then go out. Was told charger needs resetting, but no idea how you do that. Video of issue below. I have a new Trek FX+2 commuter bike and since day one I've had some charging problems...
  2. Speeedy

    Trek eBike options - Colorado commuting?

    Hi! I am moving from Kentucky to Superior Colorado. I will live about 10 miles from my office, and plan to sell my car and commute via eBike. I have never owned an eBike before, but do love biking. The commute will be partially on trails and partially on roads. I would love your thoughts on...
  3. E

    3500-4500$ Ebike, help me choose

    Looking for a mid drive commuter for gravel and city roads. Typical commute is 15 miles or so, and would like to have sustained 20-25mph speed. I have shortlisted the following Cannondale Tesoro Neo X2 - 4100$ Trek Allant+ 7S - Trek - 4050$ Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 - $4000 Gazelle Medeo T10+...
  4. H

    Trek PowerFly 4 2022

    Hi All, I’m pretty new to eMTBs and I just put a refundable deposit on a 2022 POWERFLY 4 US MED 29 LITHIUM GREY/TREK (Hardtail) and added the following accessories Rack Trek Powerfly Black Rear Mount 2020, Fender Trek Powerfly 29 2020 Black Front, Fender Trek Powerfly 29 2020 Black Rear, LIGHT...

    HELP: Trek Allant 8S or Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

    Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 or Trek Allant 8S? I want a Bike to pull my two kids on a burly trailer and do 50 miles per ride, I’m a strong rider that does 50-100 miles solo on analog bike with the trailer but get me super tried pulling kids, so I want ebike to make it more fun. I bought a 2021...
  6. Sparky731

    Introductions & Bike Garage

    Hello, e-bikers! From Madison, WI My wife & I purchased our bikes early May, 2020. We put on >2,100 miles before winter. We rode almost every day, fully enjoying the thrill of the ride. No hill is too high, no road is too long, nor wind is too strong. My wife has a Trek Verve+ 2, I have a Trek...
  7. A

    Bosch Gen4 Perf Line CX stutters in Turbo after update - why? ('21Trek Rail 7)

    I purchased a 2021 Trek Rail 7 in Aug 2020 knowing that Bosch planned an update for the bike's Gen 4 Performance Line CX motor which increases torque from 75 to 85 nm. I had fun riding during August and September, then returned the bike for the software upgrade through the dealer only to find...
  8. E

    Trek Lift + for sale

    Hi everyone. I have a small frame Trek Lift + for Sale. Purchased in August 2017. Very limited use. Shimano mid-drive. Orange. Very good condition. Have bill of sale. Paid $3400 New not including taxes. Will sell for $1500.00. Never abused or damaged. Please contact me at+16043068082 or via...
  9. R

    Broken Hanger :(

    So I went out for a ride Wednesday, desperate after not getting to ride for 2 WEEKS due to inclement weather.😫 I rode down a gravel road and thru several muddy spots . Even though I tried to ride slowly and reduce torque my chain came off a few times and then my hanger broke. I had to walk and...
  10. T

    USB power output possible from Bosch based bikes?

    Before I begin - I know about the Kiox, but am not wanting to pay upwards of AUD400/USD290/EUR240 at this time for an upgrade and install to replace the default Purion (ugh) with a Kiox control unit, especially given the price i’ve just paid for the bike (Trek Powerfly 4 2021). So - is anyone...
  11. Latitude

    What do you carry for spares?

    I have a Trek Verve + 3 that I ride pretty much daily, 30 to 40 km. In the 6 weeks I have owned it, I am coming up close to 2000 total kilometers. I ride for recreation and exercise, on streets, paved tracks, gravel trails and some single track including in a nearby provincial park. I am often...
  12. expat

    Trek w/Bosch Smartphone hub lighting question

    I have a Trek Allant with the Bosch smartphone hub. On this bike, as sold, the lights come on with the bike. There's no way to turn them off or make them flash vice steady, to my knowledge, despite what the manual says (but the shop can unlock the ability to turn the lights on/off). I was riding...
  13. Johnmj1

    I want to upgrade: Specialized Turbo Vado vs. Trek Allant?

    I am nuts over riding my ebike, since purchasing a Trek Verve +3 Step-through. I am considering an upgrade to either the Trek Allant or Specialized Turbo Vado. Driving the upgrade is the desire for a faster assist (28 mph), a bigger battery, fun to ride, and of course, value/reliability. (Will...
  14. Johnmj1

    Hello from Santa Fe, and a new E-bike owner!

    Flying around the hills of beautiful Santa Fe, on my new Trek Verve +3, my first e-bike. Perfect for getting outside and burning some calories. Love it so far, glad I discovered how much of a difference an E-bike can make. And found out how lucky I am to have found a great local dealer! Now, can...
  15. R

    2020 Allant + 8S Battery Issues

    Hi all, new to EBR but I’m looking for some help with my new Trek Allant + 8S. I picked up the bike on 4/24 and I’ve been having some serious battery issues. A few times during riding, I’ll get the error code 606 on my Cobi screen and the bike will completely turn off. After a few seconds...
  16. LordJura

    Powerfly 7 problem with speed on computer

    Hi, I bought Trek Powerfly 7 half a year ago. And now I have problem with speed on cycle computer. If I ride around 20 km/h, the speed on computer starts jumping around - 24, 18, 23 etc. But in real the speed is still the same 20km/h. Diagnostic looks OK. Does anyone had some issue? Thank...
  17. A


  18. Chris Nolte

    Video: Gary Fisher on Why eBikes are the Next Big Thing!

    Gary Fisher did a talk at the Bosch Ebikes USA 5 year anniversary. He talked on a variety of topics and he was highly entertaining. Some of the topics included Electric Mountain Bikes, Ride Sharing, Public Transit and Scooters. We hope you enjoy the talk as much as we did!
  19. T

    Trek Crossrip+ Electric Bike: For Sale

    Trek Crossrip+ Electric Bike ($3000.00) Very good condition; very minor frame flaws! Size: 55cm Color: Matte Trek Black Max. Assisted Speed: 28mph / 45km/h Odometer: 1543 Purchased in 2017 from bike dealer in San Diego, CA. All with stock components except an extension to handlebar stem added...
  20. F

    How does Pedal Assist on the top Electric Mountain bikes compare to Rad Rover/Volt Yukon etc

    I want to get back into mountain biking. And I have owned a RAD ROVER E-bike for 3 years now. I actually love it. But its not a "mountain bike". Obviously The Rad rover has a throttle, and also pedal assist 1-5. And the Top name mountain bikes (Specialized,Trek, Cannondale, Haibike etc) Are...