Retrofiting Bosch based bike.


I have an Ebike with gen 2 Bosch motor (active line +) and a purion display.
I am considering upgrading to a Kiox display since apparently i would then get a "free"cadence sensor but also a power sensor.
You can get a BT/ant+ cadence sensor for about 20 euro but power sensor are super expensive, indeed they are mostly used by semi-pro an integrated into special pedal/cranck sets.

I look at Bosch web pages and it seesm that the fully connected solution is only available for the latest engine generation.

But the Kiox may still connect to Bosch phone application, and it is also much better than the Purion.

Bosh also propose a controller with no display (similar to the iwoc of X35 Ebikemotion) but apparently you cannot install it alone since you have to connect it to some of the lastest display. I have not seen any combo controller + Kiox, but only controller + Neon

SO, :

question 1: what functionalities do you get with a Kiox + active line + ?
question 2: the only diffculty in the upgrade seems to be cable management, this can takes time it is not very technical. The "trivial"part is the firmware update. Can my local dealer do it ? and for how much ? I plan to buy the hardware on internet since you can find it at almost half the official retail price.
question 3: is there a way to get a USB power port ? Apparently there is one on the screenless controller (it looks a bit like a shifter) but my understanding is that this can only used with a later generation of bosch motors.

Other issues :

is there a way to connect my garmin to the bike? My bikeinmotion X35 connects to my garmin which allow me to see the battery level, the assistance level and the speed.It works out of the box since the ebike controller broadcast these information either in BT or ANT+ in a standard way. My understanding is that the Bosch active line + does provide BT or ANT+ connectivity, byt may be the Kexo will.

is there a light power output on the active plus engine that i could use to connect ligths that would be powered by the battery

I would go with the nyon it's not much more but will do more. You will need a shop to run the new wires as the motor has to be dropped. You cant charge from the nyon but I think the kiox will power something but not totally sure how much power it puts out. but you cant connect either to a garmin. the shop could add lights I think while they have he motor dropped. boschs new system only works with its new system. the nyon will give you more info on your ride I thin kit will let yo adjust assist levels (not sure on active line)