2021 Diamondback Current gravel bike (Bosch Performance Speed gen4 w/Kiox) First Assembly Notes


Northern LP, MI
So the bike came direct from Diamondback in record time, less than 48 hours after I pressed the order button on the website - which I found to be amazing - Amazon Prime doesn't even really have two day shipping up here! It was sent from an XPO logistics warehouse in Ohio to northern Michigan, so YMMV. This direct shipping is great for pretty much everyone, but especially so for those of us who live in rural areas with few bike dealerships around, direct ship is basically just a customer service necessity for most of the far reaches of the continent. It amazes me how many companies are still in the stone age on this point... Anyways, I checked out the assembly video, but if you've assembled a bike before it's nothing new. They even have all the tools you need in the box, so I didn't even need to break out a toolkit. You need some assembly grease for the seatpost and pedal threads, I use the Park Tool PPL-1 grease. Also, you'll need a pump for the tires, if you order the Current it comes with 700c tires and has Presta valve stems instead of schrader valve stems. Most little pumps come with an adapter for Presta. Here's the assembly video:

There were only a few minor differences to note. When I first opened the box, there was the battery cardboard box, right on top. It was empty! - I thought I'd been had! But, once I picked the frame up, I know they just pre-installed it! :) The other difference on mine was that the battery keys were ziptied to the handle bars instead of in the parts box - I expected this since many bikes with keys seem to be shipped this way, but it was called out differently in the assembly video. Other than that, it's just a basic bike build, install front wheel, check your bar alignment/set bar height with the (3) 10mm spacers, set headtube tension, install pedals, install seat, check your derailleur function, check brake function, check cable routing and handlebar sweep for hangups, lube chain, charge battery. The battery was about half full as you'd expect, so with the included 4A charger it probably will take about 2.5-3 hours to fully top it up, the last part of the charge takes the longest. Then for the test ride and fit adjustments!
Given how hard bikes in general are to come by these days, its pretty amazing it came that fast. Wonder how much stock they have? Looks like a real solid bike, so definitely post your thoughts once you have some miles on it!
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I literally stumbled into this bike while looking at others, after I found out Kona wouldn't ship to me and their website was broken as well! SO I searched around, saw this for a little more money and with the Bosch and a nice spec on the components, and I saw they were selling and in stock on the website. Bingo bango bongo put in the card number and it was a done deal! I think I have the craziest timing with this one too, as from looking back at earlier posts it must not have been up on the website for very long before I found it, maybe no more than a day or so! Bikes Direct is carrying stock too, but they could be drop shipping from the same allotment for all I know. If anyone wants a nice Bosch gravel to play with for the start of the season, I'd jump at it imo, this year could get even rougher for availability!