Priority Current ( two ) unboxing and assembly review.


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Idaho Falls, ID

I thought I would take a second and post a review of my unboxing and assembly experience for the two Current I purchased through CostCo next. First, they were shipped promptly via FedEx, signature required. The e-bikes arrived with no external damage to the packaging. The boxes are marked fragile and indicate this side up on the box. The bikes are meant to be shipped in an upright position. This is an important detail.

Unpacking the bikes revealed a well thought out packaging scheme, with the bars, pedals, and front wheel detached from the main e-bike. It took a bit to get it unwrapped. Once everything was unwrapped and laid out, the assembly was pretty straight forward. The assembly video by Priority explains it pretty well. All the tools necessary are included, with the exception of a 2.5mm hex wrench needed to adjust the display mount. Honestly, getting the bars on and adjusted may be the hardest part. It is a little busy there, with the display, light, and stem clamp all occupying a small space. It all fits with a little persuasion. This is where the 2.5mm hex wrench is needed and you will have to provide that yourself. The fenders are a little fiddly as well, but not bad.

The only negative was the front wheels. Like I mentioned, the Current is meant to be shipped standing upright, not laid on it's side. Well, the shipper obviously shipped it at some point on its side. Which meant stuff was placed on top of the e-bike's box laying flat. In this arrangement the front wheel is vulnerable to damage. The front wheel is packed beside the frame with the disk ( rotor ) facing out. When laying flat, any weight placed on top of the box will warp the disk and the wheel, which happened to both my e-bikes. So, both front wheels and disks need to be trued.

Priority is well aware of the shipping problem and the particular company that causes the most grief. To Priority's credit, they offered to pay for the repair, $50 for two wheels is the normal rate. I do have all the speciality tools needed to to the work myself. Honestly, not that many, a bike stand, spoke wrench, rotor truing fork, some zip ties and you are good to go. I guess you could do it with out a bike stand, but you would need to be innovative on holding the wheel or e-bike.

So, not too terrible of an experience. Certainly worth it for the value these bikes provide.

Well, off to get some wheels trued. :)