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    2024 Niner RLT e9 RDO E-Gravel bike size 59

    Mint condition like new Niner RLT e9 RDO E-Gravel Gravel bike. Beautiful green color. I purchased this bike in April from San Diego Fly Rides on sale for $3849 plus taxes, etc. The normal price is $5000. I'm looking for $2800 or B/O on this next-to-new bike. I've only put about 250 miles on it...
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    Advice needed: Injured Athlete Looking for an Electric Road or Gravel Bike

    I'm a former college athlete who switched into triathlons, cycling, and running once I graduated. After years of injuries, my knee just can't handle long rides with a ton of hills anymore. I moved to the Bay Area and live by some of the country's best cycling, but it's super hilly (lots of 10%)...
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    2022 Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO

    TLDR at the bottom. I'm new here. I live in a hilly area which has always limited the distance I rode my current road bike. I've always wanted to ride to the beach but was concerned that I wouldn't be able to make it back :rolleyes:. I started researching electric road bikes about a week ago. I...
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    2021 Diamondback Current gravel bike (Bosch Performance Speed gen4 w/Kiox) First Assembly Notes

    So the bike came direct from Diamondback in record time, less than 48 hours after I pressed the order button on the website - which I found to be amazing - Amazon Prime doesn't even really have two day shipping up here! It was sent from an XPO logistics warehouse in Ohio to northern Michigan...
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    Hello From the Northern Mitten! Just ordered a Diamondback Current to add to the stable!

    👋 everyone! This is the bike I ordered if you are not familiar with how it looks: I've been e-biking for about as long as it's been really possible to do so I think, starting in the early 2000's once lithium first became a reality, so I could ride long and comfortably without concern for my...
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    Swapping out wheels

    Thank you all for your help and expertise! Question: If I get a fat tire ebike and then next summer want to swap out wheels to turn it into a gravel bike/hybrid, what would I need to do? Would this only work with a mid-drive?