Hello From the Northern Mitten! Just ordered a Diamondback Current to add to the stable!


Northern LP, MI
đź‘‹ everyone! This is the bike I ordered if you are not familiar with how it looks:

I've been e-biking for about as long as it's been really possible to do so I think, starting in the early 2000's once lithium first became a reality, so I could ride long and comfortably without concern for my cumulative (and well-earned!) injuries. Reading Endless Sphere for hours on end, you get the idea. I watched EBR's review on this latest bike, so I thought I'd join up and say a quick hello and maybe share my experience about the bike, my first proprietary bike ever! I have mixed feeling on it, but I thought for the lightweight mid-drive gravel bikes, Bosch/Yamaha/Shimano/etc might be worth a try. I hope it works out, because it comes at a hefty premium! I also looked at other different bikes before settling on this one: Luna Fixed, ride1up Roadster v2, Kona Dew-e DL, Motobecane eMulekick, and the iGO Aspire I think were the main ones. I wanted to balance *many* factors this time: road-ability, throttleless/torque sensing, unladen weight, hill climb ability (I'm a bit of a clydesdale, heh), stealthishness/bike-look, battery range/capacity, etc. I only considered bikes that are convenient to order and receive, which unfortunately knocked out the dealership-only bikes and also the Kona at the last minute - as it was a top pick! You can imagine my hesitation at patronizing a bike dealership being a very early electric bike adopter and the horrible treatment we personally got over the years at many dealerships, on top of this darned pandemic! :(

So I have a variety of other bikes between the Mrs. and I, two converted geared hub Giant hardtails which were my first, then I did some lightweight folding conversions with Bafang mid drives, I have some store bought 20" fat tire folders for the farm and woods trails, and one Rambo bike with the Bafang mid-drive+IGH which is a great combo for low speeds and towing in the woods here at the farm. We also have a couple standard Motobecane road bikes that we (theoretically) use on trainers to keep in shape/keep winter weight off! I have some limited success with that, haha!

Anyway, we just moved to this location last year, and they have a lot of nice bike lanes and bike trails and bike culture around! It's been many years since I did much rail trail or road riding in general, so I hope this bike will be a great gateway back into that side of the hobby, as I think it's better for my fitness and health. I also am looking to scratch build some other electric(s) later on, I'd like to do a heavy duty road legal cargo e-trike similar to the Rad Burro that Radpower offered only to commercial buyers. Anyway, I hope you can tell, that I just *love* electric bikes and bikes in general! EBR has been a great resource for manufactured e-bikes, and I am thankful for it!
Pretty bike, ngl.
And I love the name of your town. 🙂.
Looking forward to seeing your adventures.
Thanks Marci Jo! I don't really have a "town" town, but there are many up here, the "big" ones nearby are Petoskey and Cheboygan where I'm at. I like the sound of the Northern Mitten to describe the area... It's a great place for bike trails though, so cool! Also you can ride any off road vehicle on all country and county roads up here, so ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, side by side UTVs, dirtbikes, you name it! It's a beautiful and very free place with a lot of lakes and such too!