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It's 2020 …
2020-01-01 : Sunrise over Moreton Bay, Brisbane

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Moreton Bay, Queensland
I hope you will share your rides in words and photos.
… David
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South of the Border …

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Australia's eastern coastline is shaped like a boomerang with its bulge, Cape Byron, about 200 km south of Brisbane. I headed out in the predawn of New Year's Day, arriving at Ballina (40 km south of Byron) as the sun came up (first photo).

There was a simple choice: coast (up to Byron) or river (to the sleepy hamlet of Wardell). I chose both. The river ride came first but I'll start with the coast ride – you can tell that it was later in the day from the shadows. And the clouds have relocated themselves! Note, too, the dry grass from the drought!

How different it was from my Moreton Bay rides! Here there are no offshore islands and, even when it is calm like it was today, the Pacific swells roll in.
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The coastal track …

The Pacific coast between Ballina and Lennox Head; a shady stop on the trail to Cape Byron.

Those who check out an ebike's equipment rather than the scenery, might have noticed that I'm trialling an alternative position for the Mirrycle mirror – not as effective, but out of harm's way.
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Cape Byron, seen but not reached …

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Riding from Ballina to Cape Byron had seemed like a good idea but I soon realised that what passed for a bike path in New South Wales was often quite different from what I was accustomed to. Yes, there were a few stretches of bitumen or concrete but more often it was like this, a track that had simply come into being without planning. One snag of a pedal on root or rock and… a long way down.

And, this being New Year's Day, there were far too many cars about for the coast road to be considered as an alternative.

In the photo, Cape Byron is just visible on the horizon.

Australia's eastern extremity was named by James Cook in 1770 in honour of his hero Admiral 'Foulweather Jack' Byron who was the grandfather of the poet Lord Byron and great-grandfather of mathematician Ada Lovelace (programmer of Babbage's Analytical Engine).
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Redland Bay, Queensland …
Moreton Bay Cycleway, Queensland

A gentle ride today along the southern section of the Moreton Bay Cycleway – about 50 km south of Brisbane.

In places, like here, the path is diverted away from the 'bay' which is a system of island-choked channels rather than an open expanse of water.
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Concrete canyons and colorful wildlife. So much to see, so much to look at. So much danger. What a rush outrunning cabbies and dodging opening doors, not to mention breathing those toxic emmissions mingled with the heady aroma of Chinese takeout. Jumanji on an ebike 🤪 :eek:😁
No pictures. Imagine a county road going along sagebrushy sides with an occasional building or mobile home (in poor condition) alongside. We are having unseasonably warm temps so I rode 11 miles on the Gazelle yesterday. Today was the same, but my dog needed a run and the higher elevations may be icy so I hauled my acoustical bike to a park and rode 5 miles on a walking paved loop. It was deserted so little demon dog could run her heart out. Three days in a row without longjohns on. It don't get much better.
Winter here… eike is in garage, battery is in the closet.
Three days in a row without longjohns on. It don't get much better.
Larry and Cowlitz …
At this time of year, my biggest problem is often getting from one patch of shade to the next!


Now, how far is it to that café next to the slipway at the boat harbour? See you there, soon (after someone has posted some winter photos!).
… David
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I'm going on a quick ride this morning, but even though it is winter, and we should have temps in the 20ish or lower (F) and snow, it was 41 degrees out when I got up this morning. The only snow on the ground is what is left of the plowing glaciers from 2 weeks ago. The weather gurus say it will change tonight, but they've been saying that all along. I will not complain, I kind of like it this way.

Pictures of winter will be gray brush with blue skies today. No snow, no long johns required.
Today's 10 miler in the midst of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.
First, the backyard glacier-- Leftover snow pile from a couple weeks ago. Then, the Tiffanies, where it is winter this winter. They are on the far east of the Cascade Range. Then, a typical county road here. No shoulders, 50mph speed, but not a lot of traffic. Next is a typical apple orchard in the not typical winter. Pruning season is now. #5 is looking east. Those hills are part of the Colville Reservation--tribal lands. There's a bit of winter on the hilltops. #6 is looking through the smoke down to the valley bottom across the river. I live on the side not shown so this, and most rides have long uphills. Orchardists burn a lot around here, and cause the local fire department to get a bit excited at times. I inhaled a mixture of smoke and manure while riding. They were spreading manure in the orchards today.436024360343604436064360743608

This time of year, one has to ride carefully as there is sand on the roads which can cause problems. It is leftover from a week ago, when we had frozen rain to deal with.
The Pelican's View Café …
Pelican View Café, Moreton Bay

Click photo to fill screen.
  • Time for a break in the repurposed and refreshed upper floors of the boatbuilders' shed.
  • An essential stop on the southern section of the Moreton Bay Cycleway.
  • The jetski rider was passing the time doing a hand-jive – they have music systems on those things! – whilst waiting for her partner. Accepted safety practice: never head out alone!
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9.7 miles yesterday, my first ride of 2020. The unseasonably warm temps in Virginia had just reached an afternoon high of 60°f (15.5c) with the overcast skies clearing for a few moments before the next batch of incoming rain pummeled the already soggy landscape. I thought I had time to get in a quick ride. I really did. I had just gotten my bike back from the bike shop - taken there two days ago for an end-of-the-year tune up and health check. I was suffering ebike withdrawal. I simply HAD to ride my bike for my own mental health. Even if it was a brief zip up and down the road between the bouts of incessant 3 day long rain.

I rode, and raced... and was roundly trounced upon by a heavy downpour exactly 4.5 miles from home. If I had ignored the newly deposited roadside litter on my recently cleaned adopted road, I would have won the rain race. But noooooo...I had to stop, time and again, to shove the offending accumulating trash in my panniers until I met with a friendly trash bin enroute to offload the litter. Each time stopping I'd glance over my shoulder at the approaching dark clouds gathering over the nearby mountain range. Time for pictures? Uh, don't think so.

As it was, when I reached my turnaround point, I ran smack dab right into a headwind with drips of rain that quickly devolved into a blanket of cold drenching rain. The kind of rain that had you shaking your head while riding to throw off the big drops of water gathering on your helmet brim. The kind of rain that has passing motorists looking at you with deep pity, and moving away as far as they can on the opposite side of the road so they don't accidentally splash you. The kind of rain that builds lakes and streams across the entire road so that your wheels create a pretty plume of water as you race along. The kind of rain that maliciously intensifies that last mile before home when you are riding with your head down, the water pouring off your helmet visor, the plume of water from your wheels now reaching a fountain of epic proportions, every part of you, including your underwear, now wet. The kind of rain that makes you regret leaving your warm waterproof jacket on the hook at home while you don two lightweight non-waterproof jackets instead. I mean...what were you thinking??

I arrived back home thoroughly soaked, but with a big smile of happiness on my face. The bike was dried with a towel, all outter clothing went right into the dryer, the door being shut and the timer set and turned on, a mug of hot chocolate was made in the microwave, and a warm blanket wrapped around me as I joined the spouse and two sleeping dogs in the living room, still smiling as I blissfully replied "Yup and Nope" to the question "Did you have a good ride? Did you miss the rain?"

No rain today. Just cold and windy. I'll wear more suitable clothing this time. I swear.

Obligatory pics:🌧💧☔
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I simply HAD to ride my bike for my own mental health… I mean, what were you thinking?
R2R …
That was a heart-warming tale of what makes riding an ebike so wonderful!

To go, or not to go, that is the question. (Just do it!)

Here is a photo of 'just another ride'. Maybe, I'll go that way again tomorrow despite the forecast sprinkle of rain.
… David
Moreton Bay Cycleway, Deception Bay
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Brisbane Central from across the river …
Brisbane Central seen from Kangaroo Cliffs

As predicted, Monday's outing was 'just another ride', from the western suburbs to the Brisbane River cycleways which took me through the city and down to the bay for lunch. There are cycling tracks on either side of the river. Mangroves are, of course, conspicuous.

Customs House, Brisbane

The detail above has been cropped out of the top photo. You should be able to see the left bank cycleway which is built over the river and beyond it Brisbane's grandest commercial building of times past, the Customs House, three storeys high and topped with a copper dome (now green).
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Where is the smoke?

I failed to ride yesterday. I wussed out because of temps in the mid 30s, wind and rain. Today it is snowing and roads are slick. Winter is back.