1. D

    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    It's the start of a new decade of ebike adventures… Click photo to view full-size. Borallon, Queensland The sun has risen on a new decade of ebike adventures. I hope you will share your rides in words, photos, videos and maps. … David
  2. JackA

    2018 e-Bike Burrito Ride (Start at Post #12)

    21 october, 10 AM Wenatchee, WA meet up at Pybus Public Market by the electric car charger. There will be e-bikes from several manufacturers available for test rides. There will also be a ride on the Apple capital Trail if enough people want to make the trip. Search the Eventbrite sie or...
  3. Alphbetadog

    Any Prescott AZ emtb riders?

    Anyone want to meet up for a emtb ride on some of the wonderful trails around Prescott? I'm getting a little bored riding by myself as I only have one buddy that has an emtb, and by nature they are not totally compatible riding with others on "analog" bikes. I'm a strong reasonably fit 58...
  4. motostrano

    EBIKETreks - Pinnacles National Park meet-up ride

    Something to get excited about President's Day: Join us on our next EBIKETreks meet-up to Pinnacles National Park! https://www.meetup.com/ebiketreks/events/237438768/
  5. dm nelson

    Pictures of an E-Bike Adventure

    With our new e-bike issues resolved, my partner & I are greatly enjoying peddling further, faster and higher than we ever would without peddle assist. Thought I'd share a few pictures from the weekend. With charged batteries we peddle assisted from home to get up, up the 2500 hills to see the...
  6. motostrano

    San Francisco Bay Area E-Bike Meet Ups

    We have a number of great e-bike meet-up rides scheduled for the next few months. Join us! Our next ride is this weekend in Glen Ellen. It's primarily an off-road ride with a 30-40 mile distance through the countryside of Sonoma county. http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-E-Bike-Meetup/...