2018 e-Bike Burrito Ride (Start at Post #12)


21 october, 10 AM Wenatchee, WA meet up at Pybus Public Market by the electric car charger. There will be e-bikes from several manufacturers available for test rides. There will also be a ride on the Apple capital Trail if enough people want to make the trip. Search the Eventbrite sie or Face Book Event pages for: e-Bike Burrito Ride
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Burritos (or actually, what ever menu item chosen) supplied by the South Mexican Restaurant at the Pybus Public Market. Next year we are planning to add a poker run element based on cards depicting the ingredients of a burrito... Draw a card at each stop, at the end of the ride the rider who has cards that make a whole burrito wins a free one. Well, something like this anyway. We have a few months to plan it. Any ideas for a fun e-Bike ride?
I live in the Seattle area — a bit north of — and will like to know about this event in 2018. Will it be posted elsewhere as well as here? Or will there be a website to get information about it? Sounds fun. Thanks.
Nancy; thanks for the question about the e-Bike Burrito Ride. We have not set a date for 2018 but are certainly considering April as the month. In central Washington April is often blessed with sunny cool days plus many are starting to "think" about riding again after the long cold winter. When Plug-In NCW sets a date I will post here and other places as well. Are you using your e-Bike to commute? www.pluginncw.com is always interested in how people are moving away from liquid fuels to energy produced in Washington, your story would be of interest. Jack
Hello Jack. I am retired now but waaaaay back in the dark ages of electric bikes, when few people even thought of them, I had my mountain bike retrofitted with motor on the rear wheel and heavy battery to put on the frame. Before that I commuted half the days of the week on a non motorized bike.
A month ago my partner and I purchased new eBikes and I use that one almost exclusively now (hills somehow got higher and slower over the years) for fun rides and errand rides. Additionally, we will be taking them on some kind of bike tour from our home this spring, and hopefully farther afield in the future.
I will keep my eye out for the posting for April Burrito Ride and hope that it will fit into our calendars.
Thanks for the reminder! I am busy getting ready for the Chelan and Leavenworth Earth Day events in April and an electric car rally in Winthrop during May. How does an early June ride sound to you?
Sounds great if its not too hot. My wife will bring her Liberty Trike. It is a good ride for handicapped and elderly.
I talked with some others and we are going to plan a ride that will take place just after Apple Festival. It will be a very casual get together. If you know some other e-Bike riders please see if they would be interested in joining us.
We are looking at Saturday 12 May as the date for the 2018 e-Bike Burrito Ride. This is planned as a low key get together to have some fun, meet other e-bikers and be open to the public to answer their questions bout e-Bikes. No admission fee required. Pybus Public Market has not confirmed the availability of their location but I am pretty certain it will be open. If not, we can move across the Apple Capital Trail and meet up in the boat launch parking lot. I have asked the South Mexican Restaurant (it is in the Pybus Market) to recommend a single item menu with the idea that we keep the meal cost low and make it as easy as possible to 30 ~ 40 people to eat at one time... Average temperature for 12 May is low of 43 High of 72; my guess? Great weather for e-Biking.
We are thinking 10 AM to 2 PM... So; Saturday 12 May; 10 AM to 2 PM at the Pybus Public Market. There is an electric car charger on the utility building at the North end of the main market building, we will gather there.
Wonderful weather, great location and plenty of people. We will host this event again next year. Talked with about 80 non-riders and provided 26 demo rides on the Apple Capital Trail. The burritos were fantastic... Big thanks to PIM (Power In Motion) and Full Circle Cycles of Wenatchee for bringing demo e-Bikes and helmets.


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I just found this thread.

Is there now a bike shop in Wenatchee that can repair the electric parts of ebikes?

Maybe I will venture down to this next year.
Best service and most knowledgeable technician in North Central Washington is Dan Creil at Full Circle Cycles in Wenatchee.

318 S Chelan Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801


If Dan can not fix it or replace it it is time to buy a new ride...
Thanks. I have a Radmini and have wondered where to go if electrical problems ever occur. We have bike mechanics in this area but I do not know what their e bike skills are.