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[ # 12-- Month 36 and mileage 17,665 ]
October 2017: ebike #1 arrived. A total piece of crappola.
December 2017: ebike #2 arrived. A whole lot better than ebike #1. I was sufficiently satisfied with #2 until the day I encountered a rider mounted on what would soon be ebike #3. The day after I chatted/rode with that fella, I had placed my order for this, ebike #3.. My order was placed on January 5, 2018.. A 5 month delay would ensue. But, not a problem because I had ebike #2 to continue to play on.
And so, on April 30, 2018, the huge box arrived (#3) via Dominion freight service. Its contents were the mostly assembled 2018 M2S(brand) KUSH(model-- now, in 2021, labeled as 750FS https://shop.m2sbikes.com/products/full-suspension-electric-fat-bike ) dual-suspension fat tire ebike using the Bafang 750w (1,000w peak) rear hub motor. My foray into the world of “fat tire ebike world” was about to begin. The first 2,500 miles of the learning curve would prove to be quite the dramatic learning curve. My many adventures are all chronicled in the previous 11 (numbered) threads on this most excellent M2S Forum.
Lets all admit that the one glaring “elephant in the room” factor, when it involves spending your hard-earned $ on any of these many different $1,500+ ebikes is: “Just how long of a time period/how many miles will this ebike continue to operate as I hope for it to (be electrically maintenance-free, that is)?” .. Lets face it, 99.9% of us ebike owners do not relish having to deal with anything “electrical” on these abstract contraptions-- and that is what they are-- contraptions..
My own personal mindset had the idea that maybe, just maybe, a total of 5,000 miles would be attainable before the electrical components would begin to “go south” and require replacement. Not being a savvy electrical person, I was not going to be looking forward to that situation(s) developing. I have been involved with mountain biking since 1983, so nothing “mechanical” intimidated me—easy smeezee to repair/replace/modify. But this Ebike was an entirely new (and very foreign) adventure.
I won't go into any detail about my first 2 ebikes (Xtreme brand) because they are not even worth wasting time discussing. This 2018 KUSH, on the other hand, was like manna from heaven. That's not to say that the first 2,500 miles were not fraught with the “fat tire flat tire” conundrum-- 4 flat tires, with 3 being on the rear tire. Super Duper Bummer. However, by mile 2,500 I had finally formed a thought and the mighty beast has been absolutely “flat-free” for the past 15,165 miles (see thread posting #3).. I haven't carried any tire maintenance tools in more than 2 ½ years. Period.. I win..
So, the tire fiasco aside, my ebike toy had been absolutely electrically solid. That did not erase from my peanut brain the potential for probable/possible “e” problems arising sooner, rather than later. As I approached the 9,000 mile mark, I began searching out sources for replacement “e” parts. Not a promising adventure for sure. Plus, after I began totaling up the price of individual components, I deemed it would be just as cost efficient to go ahead and buy an entire new ebike of the same brand/style.. A very much ride-able parts vehicle, so to speak.
Thus, the 2019 M2S(brand) R750(model) BaFang 750w rear hub fat tire beast (aka WhiteyFord)https://shop.m2sbikes.com/products/all-terrain-electric-fat-bike appeared at my front door on July 11, 2019. It now has 9,613 miles on its odometer. It has been “flat tire free” since it first rolled out my front door. So, between the KUSH and its last 15,165 miles, and the newer 2019 ebike with 9,613 flat-free miles, I'd say that, with a total of 24,778 miles (and counting) of “flat tire free” existence-- I WIN !!! Big Time!!
As for the aforementioned potential “e” problems arising: nope, not a darn problem.. none.. nada. It don't get any better than that. It is a real good feeling to know that I can take either one of these mighty M2S beasts out for my almost daily 50-mile ride and never, ever having a thought as to whether or not I'm gonna make it back to the condo OK.
The powerful BaFang 750w fat tire rear hub motor unit is, by far, the most amazing piece of the entire ebike puzzle. Neither ebike motor has required even one iota of repair, maintenance, adjustment, or lubrication. The motor(s) remain just as powerful, quiet, smooth, and reliable at mile 17,655/9,613 as at mile 1. You just can't ask for any more than that. My 3-year old (2018) BaFang motor is exactly the same unit as found on a 2021 model fat tire ebike of the same ilk. I guess it's kind of like that pesky Energizer Bunny-- on steroids..
My 16ah battery (on the KUSH) is finally winding down to only getting 20 miles per charge before it shuts down. Instead of going from “5 bars” all the way down to “1 bar” and then “flashing” and then shutting down completely, this battery goes down to “3 bars” and somewhere in that parameter, it just shuts down-- no flashing-- just nothing. Power gone gone.. But, no problemo because I always carry an extra 48v Reention Dorado (either 14.4ah or 16ah) battery in my backback.. 3 minutes to stop and swap out batteries. Again, easy smeezee.. K.I.S.S..
There is an excellent “ebike battery pack rebuild” business here in the megaplex, but they will only replace the “bad” portions/sections of the defective battery brick. I figure that what is not defective today could very well become defective next week, thus requiring yet another re-build. Therefore, I'll just buy complete new batteries from AliXpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...tail.1000013.8.197631131LYCAH&gps-id=pcDetail ..
or this site:
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...g0o.detail.1000014.2.187151cbzB9dWJ&gps-id=pc ..
Plus, these batteries usually include a 2ah, or larger, battery charger, too. I figure that I am taking just as much of a “pot luck” chance buying from the “C” country across the great Pacific as I am when purchasing any item from the 3rd world “C” country located just to the north of the USA [see more on that situation below] .
Since buying the 2019 R750 (WhiteyFord), I have also purchased yet another ebike. It arrived on May 28, 2020: a 2020 BIKTRIX(brand) SWIFT(model).. It cost one thousand seven hundred US dollars. What a total f'd peas o' chit. As of Dec 2, 2020, that ebike had 2,300 miles on the odometer. Today (May 10, 2021-- six months later) it still has only 2,300 total miles. 100% totally unrideable.
As for the 2020 BIKTRIX SWIFT peas o' chit ebike: I no longer feel the luv for it.. Kinda like a marriage that goes bad.. And is followed by a divorce.. Gettin' back together is an option but, let's be honest, it will only be a illusion and won't be a good thing. Not at all. So, instead of flushing another US$$ down the toilet when dealing with this Canadian “it”, I shall, instead, proceed onward and definitely upward. I do intend to use it as a holder for rolls of toilet paper-- I think that 4 rolls total are possible-- if I use the bar ends, too. Too bad that it is too large to permanently store/use in der terlet room. You can learn from my experience-- or not. It's your choice. My two M2S fat tire mighty beasts have absolutely spoiled me.
As for future adventures:
I am 99.9% positive that this will be my next ebike toy: https://arielrider.com/products/x-class-52v
I feel the Need for Speed and I do believe that this zippy lil' varmit, with its 33mph throttle-only top speed, will fulfill the thrill.. I'll decide in the next 2 weeks. I believe that blue will be the color of choice and naturally, it too, will be flat tire free prior to leaving the condo for its first ride.
An additional item:
For those of you looking for an inexpensive, yet very loud, audio alert reception device (ie, a siren horn), check out this 130db beast. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XWQ4SZY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
I bought the unit with 2 remotes, one for each M2S fat tire beast. The remotes are visible in the two photo's. The siren itself is carried in the gray sunglasses bag seen hanging on the yellow OnGuard ulock in one photo. This alarm siren is my 4th experiment at an attention-getter sound device and it is by far the best-- and the loudest-– and even the least expensive.


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