New Pannier Rails on Nevo3 GT Vario GX


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United Kingdom
Have been using Ortlieb Bike-Packer Classic Pannier Bags for a while now and really like them.

In addition to them, I have also been using a Vaude Silk Road M Trunk Bag.

But, it is held on with Velcro, but is a bit small and I could do with a bigger trunk bag.

The rack is a MIK rack, but it doesn’t haven’t second rails to fit pannier bags. It is one or the other.

To overcome this I have fitted some secondary pannier rails to the rack.

Ended up using;
  • Open end copper tube lugs
  • 10mm stainless steel tube
  • Stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts
  • Black plastic spacers
  • Black heat shrink
A couple of small holes in the rack frame and bolted it all together. The black heat shrink takes the brightness off the tubing and gives the pannier fittings something to grip on.

All in all, neat and tidy as well as, rigid and secure.