If price was the same… R&M Nevo Automatic or Evelo Omega?


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Decided to stick to R&M. Figure if it doesn’t meet my needs I’ll always be able to sell it. Don’t need 28mph. Frankly I find that speed kinda terrifying on my mechanical bike.
After months of the usual indecisive research and winnowing down of options, I’m down to two!

I’ve got a line on a used (300mi) 500wh R&M Nevo Automatic at the same price as a new Evelo Omega with range extender… and honestly, is there a reason -not- to go for the higher torque/bigger battery/motor Evelo? I can’t test the Nevo around here, due to our R&M LBS having temporarily closed for family reasons.

It’s somewhat hilly where I am, and I can definitely use something that won’t choke on the steeper grades. But there is a lot to be said for R&M reputation and componentry.

Looking for specific thoughts on these two models or these two companies, with the context of semi hilly (rolling with occasional steep stream valley grades) crappy paved road surface use. Light packed gravel trails sometimes. Moderate use (not long tours). Within 50 miles round trip, say.

Thanks so much; this forum has been a font of great knowledge during my researches.
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