If Ann Marie Sastry is Right, Look Out

Very interesting discussion George. The two men, especially the white guy seen to have very little imagination, and a defeatist attitude, but the woman is running circles around them. She correctly points out the limitations of the current technology, why it will change, and where we're soon headed. The two guys act like they don't have a clue, and think what they're doing now is the same as in the future, except a little better, maybe in 10 years. Ann Marie is talking about a revolution in two years for consumer products, and one more year for vehicle technology. I can understand why the two guys seen so depressed, they're going to be out of business unless they get with the new program LOL.
That's about what I saw. There was a lot of press for the GM Bolt. GM is basically saying that in two years, batteries will be a lot cheaper, enough to push a $30k electric car 200 miles. There are some interesting facts floating around. Tesla already pays way less than anyone else. The guess is around $250 per kWh. Most bikes have about half this capacity, so the battery would cost $125 if we all paid what Elon Musk pays. Yikes. The cost almost has to come down.

I think it helps scooters and motorcycles, more than cars. You can do a lot with two wheels, and the whole thing is so much lighter than any car. Americans are not scooter riders (the Vespa kind) but Asians love scooters, and that's obviously a huge market. People are racking up serious miles on their Zeros. Interesting about Bultaco. You mentioned they had a great new product. They seem to be coming in at a great time. They could ride the wave of cheaper, higher capacity batteries. Too bad there is no 'street' category for bikes around 4000 watts.

"Bultó senior might not be around to see it, but it seems the brand is ready to go in just that direction. The electric motorcycle segment feels like it’s right on the edge of a tipping point, ready to relegate petrol-powered motorcycles to long-range touring duties, and the Bultaco brand is being resurrected with some very sexy looking new prototypes."


Honda Electric Motorcycle running course:

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I couldn't agree with you more George. Interestingly I just got home and turned on my computer, and the first thing I see is news about Polaris has just bought out Brammo electric mtorcycles. As you probably already know Polaris already owns Victory, and Indian motorcycles, and now the number one electric motorcycle maker. Polaris is saying they're going to come out with their own electric motorcycle later this year. Both of the Polaris brands are huge competitors of Harley Davidson which is planning their own electric bike. These are certainly exciting times for electrics, and I'm excited to be part of it.