I love my yak yak 2 years now all is good


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I have given up doing my daily errands with my car. I just jump on my bike and do it all, in half the time.. Finding a parking spot is sooo much easier than a car. What would make this the prefect ride is front suspension. Anybody out there have any suggestions. By the way I did install a redshift handle bar stem . It’s fine but I would like more.. Any help here…


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Nice looking bike! I’ve been torn between this and the Yuba Spicy Curry. The Pak Yak is at my LBS and has a pretty good sale price, but I’ve read that switching between accessories is much more challenging than on the Yuba, and thus, less versatile. Plus, it seems like you can’t have different accessories on at the same time, such as the passenger seat/kit and the panniers. Yuba lets you do this and accessory switches seem to be easier. Do you use other accessories besides the rear basket? How has it been switching between them?
Personally I don't believe you will gain much with a front suspension unless you are jumping off curbs. You are sitting near the back wheel so a suspension seat sounds like the way to go to get a smoother ride.