I have a Level 2 coming from my LBS...

Wiley Coyote

ABQ, New Mexico
I was in the shop yesterday for a couple hours and had my heart was set on an Aventure with the free battery promotion. The Salesman told me, not to let a free battery determine my decision. I checked out both the Level 2 and Aventure. Rode around in the parking lot, I couldn't believe the speed and little effort on my part, even in PA 1 and working through the gears 1 -8 going through their parking lot. I did end up choosing the Level 2 because of the weight difference and the majority of my riding will be on pavement and occasionally on a dirt trail. I spent several hundred dollars on accessories from both the shop and Amazon, like most of us had. I did buy a couple locks, but I already contacted the shop to see if I can return what I bought and upgrade to the Folding Lock. I have read a lot of good reviews on that beast. Going in, I know if somebody wants something bad enough and have the tools to do so, they will. I just want them to maybe rethink, and perhaps move on to an easier target. I had the shop install that Inner Liner & Sealer (recommended to me by another local EBR'er) to prevent Tire Punctures to both tires. I bought a RockBros Bag, Tire Inflator, and cell phone holder off Amazon. The Shop told me that they would probably have the bike ready today but because of what I have going on, I probably won't be able to pick it up until next week, regardless, I am stoked. Other stuff I bought from the shop was a LH Mirror, Mechanical Bell, gloves, helmet. Not a light yet, I will see how the stock light performs before decisions are made.
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Sounds like you're ready for a new adventure! Hope the weather lets you get out right away to enjoy it. :cool: