I have 2 stromer issues to throw out and see what sticks, Codes and Support


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I am slightly envious of the other companies posting tech support here at and not Stromer. Of course this is not required but I would love to see it. I agree w/the other poster this is the largest Stromer forum I can find in the US and therefor a great place for them to be. In the other hand they shut down the one in Switzerland/Germany w/no English support which has been reopened independently i believe. at some point Google and I got me registered there but it was a real PIA

The 2nd is access to more codes. I stated in another thread how they are held secret I can no longer even "reboot" my Stromer while I used to be able to do this. I am sure they would not want to give out all the codes but I would think there would be some that are personal choices I believe I am capable to decide if I wanted to change them.
I don't know what codes you are looking for but the Stromer Website has a few codes to alter the programs.. Problem is it is hard to tell which ones are for USA spec vs Euro spec model.s


I also found the Canadian Stromer manual for my 2012 that was very helpful as well..
I once got 2 pages of code from a dealer trying to collect them . They were for a an original sport , some were for over seas, for example you could set either 250 or 500 watt (even though the original was 600???) for Euro or NA, maybe save some battery for example on long trips . I think I misplaced them put my moves and after getting an ST1. i will look again. I do remember 9999 was factory reset but I don't remember if it defaulted to 250 or 500 so that code would have to be checked.

it hard to know what codes are out there since we don't have a list.

And what about settings through the USB connector at the motor??

in the link above"interface-BASIC-settings" sound very , well, basic to me!lol

I would love a collection of codes, the ones from the manuals are great, there must be a few more they don't distribute to consumers or even the dealers.
Hey guys, I took some screenshots from the link @JoePah shared near the top of this thread, they may be the same as the manual he posted just above but I combined to images to make a separate manual and have attached it here. I don't know much about the codes but maybe @Chris Nolte or another dealer can chime in? I have seen some Stromer reps here in the forums before, they may chime in again as I've seen them post this site as a resource on their Facebook page before.


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