Getting back into riding.


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United Kingdom

I'm just getting back into riding after a good 5+yrs out of the saddle ! I was looking at getting a mtb but decided I think I'll be getting a road bike to start with to get my fitness levels back up, my last few bikes were road ones. I was adamant I wasn't going to get an ebike but I think it's the right choice for my current fitness, I go to the gym regularly but rarely ado any cardio ! and everyone has said I will want to use it more with the assistance built in. When I started looking at e-mtbs I test road a few and definitely didn't like the full fat one's much preferred the feel of the lightweight ones. Found a road bike I like, BMC Roadmachine AMP anyone have any experience with one ? It has a mahle X20 hub drive which seems to get good reviews along with the bike. Obviously all the emtb I tired had mid drive motors. I have had a bike fit for one and know what size I need.