Das Kit Switch Throttle Pinout


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Does anyone know the pinout for the Das Kit switch throttle? Specifically, I know which pin is +5V, but I don't know which pin is signal and which pin is ground. I cant' find the diagram online.

I tried to switch to a Bafang half twist throttle, but it didn't work so I'm thinking Banfang switched ground and signal. Both Banfang and Das Kit have +5V on the same pin. This is the Bafang half twist throttle I tried:



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I just found your post.

Das-Kit is different than BAFANG.
The voltage on the signal wire needs to be between ~0.8V and ~4.3V or it registers a throttle fault.
Das-Kit reversed the voltage and all the connectors (male and female) compared to BAFANG.

This is the output of my Das-Kit thumb throttle for my Et.Cycle T1000.

Throttle at zero,..


And at full throttle (I removed the spring, so it doesn't go back to zero on its own.)


This is my BAFANG throttle at zero,..


And at full throttle,..


I bought a full twist throttle for my T1000 before I knew about the difference and luckily, it just happened to work.

Twist throttle at zero,..


And at full throttle,..


This is the full twist throttle that I bought.
I had to wire it into my Das-Kit plug connector.

Screenshot_20230611-230921_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Screenshot_20230611-230944_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Here's a half twist throttle from the same company that may or may not work?


Here's what someone wrote about it,..


That may or may not work with Das-Kit?
The polarity change may take the voltage out of spec, or change the signal output voltage to negative?