Throttle Kill Switch Bafang dp c18


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Hello Everyone!

I have a Bafang dp c18 and I'm looking to add a throttle kill switch (using a wireless relay/keyfob). Can anyone advise me what core the cable is between the throttle control and the main Bafang dp c18 and also which colours are the positive, and negative and also the signal wire that sends to throttle speed as this is what I need to kill?
Thanks for this, when I posted I was getting myself confused with the additional control which let me adjust peddle assist, lights on/off etc whereas the throttle is of course is a separate element connected so assume it is the 3-pin/core cable I need to tap into with my relay.

Does anyone know where I can purchase just the connectors, it seems when I search online I get loads of sellers selling cables with connectors already attached whereas I'd like to be able to cut the existing cable and then add a connector to each end of the cut wire?
These are molded weatherproof so I don't think you will find just connectors... Especially because of their small size.
Splice & Heatshrink the cable.
You could get a throttle extension cable that would connect to your throttle cable.


Then you can do all your cutting and splicing in the extension cable without the worry about damaging the original wiring.
And it's reversible by simply removing it.
Higo and Julet connectors are close enough to each other that they can be used interchangeably.
(I've done it unknowingly because my cheap connectors weren't labeled.)


I also found that old-school Bell telephone wire fit perfectly in the Julet connector,..
( I don't remember why I only have 2 wires coming out of my 3 pin throttle? I think it was just practice?)


This shrink tube has a 4-1 shrink ratio with glue.
It is big enough to fit over the connector and shrinks small enough to seal up on a two lead cable,..



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Activating the brakes is a better kill switch, unless you're talking about a switch tom disable the throttle.

You want to switch off the throttle power lead or the signal to kill the throttle signal. If you switch off the throttle ground, the throttle signal will rise to 4Volts and tell the controller to gp full speed.