BAFANG G062-1000W Controller / Eggrider Retrofit

Alright I got my eggrider today. Which is not compatible with the controller I bought.
Eggrider said the controller is not compatible.
I believe it is not plug and play but If you make your own cable or solder to the controller board I think it will work.
The connections are marked on the controller board so that helps.
It's pretty simpl really. And the eggrider is uart2 communication and I believe the controller is uart2 as well. So the eggrider i got is for Bafang and the communication protocol is the same.

You have 5 wires.

Ground (simple)
48V (simple - connect to battery)
RX ( is marked on controller board)
TX ( is marked on the controller board)

The only one I'm not totally sure of is POWER LOCK.
I believe it will be a 5 Volt power line.
I just don't know if it is supposed to be and intermittent type switch where it connects for a second to turn on the system then it turns off.
Or it could be a constant 5 Volt supply. <----- I'm pretty sure this is the case.
The controller board has 5V marked so that's simple if that's the case.

Do any of you have any Ideas or know what that line is supposed to be?

Heres the controller.


I'm going to try and trace through the controller wire harness to see if I can determine which line it normally is.
Ok so heres where im at.
I got the Eggrider connected. And It turns on just fine. But there is no communication because the controller is not turned on yet because i do not have Power Lock wire connected. I'm not quite sure where to connect it. With the controller plugged in some of the traces are running 48 v. And when i turn the eggrider on it outputs about 50V to that blue wire. So where on earth is that 50V supposed to go to on the board. Thats what i need to know. I also wonder if I cant turn the control on by jumping the 5V Bus. There is a 5V connection that is hot on battery connect. And a 5V connection that is dead. I'm gonna Jump them and see what happens. In the meantime does anyone have any idea about that wire.
I'm pretty sure it's got to connect to VK+. You can see that in the picture the VK+. The board has 3 V markings. VB+ VB- = Volts Battery.
So hopefully this one marked V is 48 volts or else i am about to fry this thing. But looking at all the wires that go to the stock controller plug you can kinda narrow them down. SP = Speed or Throttle BKL= Brake Low We have ground We have 48 volts from battery so that about leaves the WK1 as the wire. God I hope. Its also in the same row of 4 connections where the RX TX Ground are at. Its got to be it. Time to test.
Well good news is that it was the right wire. So all the wires are connected now. I'm getting a fault but the eggrider did seem to automatically choose bafang as the protocol so I believe it's communicating ok. I probably need to get the brake throttle and pas hooked up and then maybe it wont give any error.
So generally everything went very well. These are the connections to the board.

48V = B+

The eggrider powers up connects to Bluetooth and displays the right information.
The control is powered on. Bafang Protocol is automatically found and paired.

I don't have a throttle connected yet.
I don't have brakes connected yet.
I don't have the PAS connected yet.

I am getting Error 20. (unknown)

I need to get a cable to connect those. Then I will test some more. I think I might be getting the error because these things aren't connected.

Other than that it could be sending commands that are built into the BSSHD to the Hub Controller that does not understand the commands. The protocol is correct but the commands are non existent. I believe even with a stock bafang display I would be still having problems. I cant find displays for the hub motor that aren't in a kit. I want to get this Bafang controler up just for testing purposes.

I have a VESC ordered that will be here Friday. I plan to use the VESC in the long run. The eggrider does have protocol for the VESC so it should work together. Even though I really don't need a display with the VESC.

Has anyone out there ever got error 20? Will not connecting brakes / throttle / Pas give an error?
I wish I could help. My time is geared towards machine automation. Once a board was suspected I would R&R. I did some board level repair for certain customers who gave me the time.
Thanks for your write ups.
Your welcome. I figured it would be nice to dive deep into this project and get all the highly technical info out here.

The controller is brand new so there is nothing wrong with it.

It normally would not be able to connect to the Eggrider because the cables out there are not plug and play in this case. So I took an extension cable and cut the female end off then soldered it direct to the board.

The eggrider and the Control both use UART2 communication in Bafang Protocol. They are compatible. The protocol is automatically selected by the eggrider. It shows Protocol Bafang as being successful. So things are good there.

It is a case of either I need everything hooked up to not get an error. The Control is checking the system and things are missing.

Or the software in the Eggrider needs changes. Differences between the bsshd and hub motor control commands.

Far as I know the Eggrider is a Audrino board. They wrote the software for it. It might require some changes there. We can make those changes if we can get into the Code and flash the chip. It all depends on what kind of security they have built in. I'm sure they got something cause they don't want people copying there code. But from my experience, programming android phones with high security, there's always a way.

Anyhow I hope I don't have to go there. But I want full control of everything. The software on the display and the Software on the controller. Then all limitations go away.

So for now I will get the rest of the hardware I need and see if that gets rid of the error. If not I most likely won't be using the Stock Bafang Control.

The VESC I ordered has Open Source Software. So we can modify it any way we like. And Eggrider is compatible with the VESC. So at the end of the say I will have what I'm after. But I would like to get the stock bafang controller up just to test and compare different controllers.

So shout out if you know anything about Error 20
This is the controller information.

for Bafang G062 hub motor 48V 30A 1000W controller UART, G062 1KW​

*Used to replace electric bike part for G062 series motors
*design for bafang Motor Controller 48V 1000W ,750W (option)
*easy to use and install,1000W /750W power support ,good compatibility
*It can be used with BAFANG display, throttle and brake lever. It is limited to BAFANG brand throttle and display and brake lever


type: Motor Controller

Color: silver

48V 30A

for BAFANG G062 motor。G060





Lots of good info here. I’ll be honest, I felt like I was looking over the shoulder of someone defusing a bomb. Great detail!
There is still plenty more to come. I just dropped a pile on cables and 8GA Silicon Wire plus everything to make our own connectors. So I will go over all that as well. If your gonna upgrade to run lots of power the wiring needs the capability of handling it.
I’m thinking about upgrading my phase wires too. Maybe 10G, 8 is too stiff, but voltage loss is awesome. I have MT60 connectors right now and 16AWG phase wires. I’d love to see how you dress them.
Does the G062 have the 'bigfoot' internals the G060.750 used to have? Bafang slimmed the 750 down to match the other lower-rated versions of that motor but I'm wondering if the 1kw version got to keep the bigger, more better internals.

If you aren't sure what I am going on about, I tee'd this video up to the relevant comparisons.

I just ordered a spool of 8 gage silicon for phase wires and for battery wires.
The VESC I bought has 5mm bullet connectors for the phase leads so I only have to solder on the bullets.
I bought a 300W Iron today just for the 8 ga wire. The thing is to run 8 gage phase leads off the motor the side cover of the motor has to be modified.
A bigger bearing to allow space in the middle for the phases to come out and my cooling lines.
I'm gonna drop the rear disk brake and run regen braking. I' will still have the front disk though for emergencies.
My other thread is gonna go through the case modifications and water cooling. I just been working on stuff as its been showing up so the last few days i been on this controller.

I'm mad right now. I been messing around trying to wire up the throttle for like 3 hours.
Couldn't get it right. So I started probing the 3 pins on the throttle and 2 pins have continuity.
Yep there's a short in there. I checked the throttle on my bike now and it is defiantly not like that.

So the new one was screwed out of the box. Damm like this is hard enough without throwing in defective parts. There gonna hear it from me for sure. Guess i will be checking everything before it is installed.

And whats up with every 1T4 cable says they are bafang mid drive compatible. So far i bought 2 different cables that were supposed to be the same but are different. And needless to say neither one of them fit the stock Bafang Controller Ive been working on here. Yes its a hub controller but like WTH. If its stock stuff it should all be the same.
Bafang motor I give A+. Bafang controller is less than garbage. But still I will try to get this one up. I got another throttle and a ton of cables on the way.
Thats half my troubles. I bought the Motor separate. So now everything else I gotta buy separate. And I am not having a lot of luck finding g062-1000 parts.