My Custom E-Bycco GT 2.0 / 750W Rear Hub E-Bike

Since I started working on the G0602-1000W re design I figured you guys might like to see the bike it is going on.

EBYCCO GT2.0 48V 10Ah 750W 20 inch 4 inch Fat Tires Electric Bicycle 150KG Max Load Double Disc Brake Electric Bike

Brand EBYCCO Model EB-055
Material Aluminum Alloy Tires 20*4.0inch Fat Tires
Gear Level SHIMAN0 7-Speed Riding Mide CyCling Mode, PAS Mode, Pure Electric Mode
Brake Front & Rear Disc Brake Motor 48V 750W Brushless Motor
Front Fork Shock Absorption Spring Shock Absorber Torque 45N.m
Display Left LCD instrument Recommended Speed 25KM/H
Seat Height 75-100cm Range Mileage Pure Electric Mode: 28KM
Package Size 145_26_72cm Range Mileage PAS Mode: 48KM
Recommended Height 5'10''-6'3'' / 178-190.5cm Battery Capacity 48V 10Ah
Battery Weight 3KG Charging Time 5-6 Hours
Net Weight 27KG Climbing Slope 20° 60LBS
Gross Weight 30KG Use Terrain Mountain Road, Beach Road, Snow Road



This is my bike.






So here's the upgrades on the bike.
Ultraverse Tires, these are great tires. They run super nice. They are very thick heavy rubber and I have heavy duty 3.5mm base thickness innertubes with the tire liners tube protectors.
With those tires and tubes the bike rides much smoother, handles better, so solid and feels much safer than how I felt with the stock tires.
The big upgrade is the UPP (United Pack Power) 48v 24AH Battery. It sits on a rear rack I installed. The battery is UPP R049-6 48V 24AH BMS40A 21700 LG 4800.
Quality LG Cells.
I have added WSDCAM bike cargo rack taillight with turn signals and Alarm.
On the handlebars I have RedComets Model TZ-S multi-function bracket front light.

I recently purchased a Bafang G062-1000W Rear Hub Motor.


Currently it is disassembled so I can measure and 3D Model all the parts for future upgrades.

I have a Eggrider on the way and I also have a VESC Motor Controller on the way.
The Eggrider is for the stock Bafang Controller I bought. Hopefully I can get it working.
I plan to solder the wires for the Eggrider where they belong on the controller. The controller I have is not compatible with the Eggrider but I think it is just because of the way it is wired. So hopefully I can get it to work.
This is the controller I got. The Stock Bafang.

Inside The Controller.

This is the VESC I have on the Way.

Lots of Fun. Lots of testing to do. A lot of upgrading going on. YeeHawwww