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Hi. I live in USA and recently bought NCM C5 (by Leon in other countries like Australia). By default it is a pedal assist bike using torque sensor and has “walking mode” which pushes it at like 3-4 mph. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully put throttle into NCM C5?

I’ve searched on google A LOT but can’t find anything. The NCM official website has some controller kit upgrades which specifically say not for C5 model. So if anyone knows how to put throttle and or upgrade controller to put throttle that would be great!

These are the default electric configurations that it comes with (in USA market)
Battery: Das-Kit, i6-3612, 36V 12AH, 432WH

Hub Motor Rated / Peak Power: Das-Kit, X2, 36V 350W / 600W

Charger: Das-Kit, 36V3A

Display: Das-Kit E2

The Das-Kit is specifically their own system. Here is the link for the model's manual which i think does not give any more info-

Specifically, the controller is Das-Kit Controller T6 and here is a weblink for it- NCM C5/C7 Controller - CT-T6 , with the following description and photo--
Description: 36V15A, 6 mos, Motor Wire270MM, Light Cable590MM, Boost Wire50MM, Display Wire900MM, Power Cable100MM, not include terminal block, Black

Now the question is should I try getting a Das kit display from NCM (Like a C7 display) and try to find a connector cable to my existing controller to have throttle functionality? Also, I am aware that people have upgraded from L7 to C7 NCM display.. But I cannot find anyone who upgraded from the basic E2 display to C7- cant find any info if thats even possible.

OR I will have to change the controller altogether to some basic sine wave controller with throttle and its own display?

I have put some useful photos if you wanna see


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That's a good question and I too looked everywhere. There is very little info about the E2 display and I would love to replace it with something that has a display and up and down PAS controls. I don't know if any of the other displays are compatible but I'm guessing now since they don't say it is on their website. The hope is to get a 3rd party one that may be compatible, but I have no clue what determines compatibility.