No power


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I have an NCM Moscow Plus EMTB, I'm having issues with Power. When I turn the power on, sometimes the bike does not connect. I turn it off and on again, and that's when the power kicks in. I've had the bike for 6 months, up till 3 months I had no issues with power. I've just put a new das kit to take me from 24kph to 28kph. Since I've had the new Das Kit power controller, this is when the issues started. The new kit comes with a throttle and that doen's work.

When the bike went into the workshop to sort this issue, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I took video of being in a medium gear, cyclying at a low speed, there was no power bars, when I put it in 6th gear on the kit, there was still no power bars. I was cyclying in manual mode. I returned the bike back to the shop, they still couldn't find any issues with it. They eventually replaced the controller box. I've now emailed the shop again to let them know and I'm still waiting for a reply. My bike wasn't the only bike in the shop with this issue.

Is there anyone out there that could offer some advice or solutions to this problem, I'd be very grateful.