Battery or battery frame problem?


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Im looking to get my ebike looked at, ive been having some issues with the battery. About 5 days ago i started getting a torque stutter no matter what speed i went it would studder with the power, then 2 days ago same problems but the bike kept turning off and when i power it up again it shows like 11 V on the display, Wont give me power at all. I kept trying to turn it on it, would hold for a sec, then shut off again. Sometime while it was on it would show the correct 54.2V then turn off right away again, now it won't turn on at all. I removed the battery and removed the port where the battery connector is to the controller. I tried mounting the battery to the connector without it being in the frame and it still won't power on. I used a flashlight to look at the connectors and the neutral one in my battery is kinda discolored, like the positive is still shiny metal but the negative isn't. Im not sure I'm very new to electronics like this so I was thinking corrosion looks more like rust instead of a little grey. Any info if it's the battery, or the connector cause the price is very ranged, while either looking for a new battery mount vs a new battery. Thank You