Aventon Aventure Charger!! ---This is Madness!!

This is the pin-out for the Aventon Aventure battery charging port. The sense wire measured 2.44v; not sure how it is used.
However, connecting the Grin Satiator charger to the positive and negative then holding the Satiator’s button to Force charging works perfectly fine. For testing I used alligator jumper wires to paper clips that were inserted into the charging port terminals and it charged perfectly. In the future I will probable chop off the connector from the Aventon charger and terminate it with male and female automotive weatherproof quick connectors so I can plug it into either the Satiator or Aventon charger.
Houshmand Moarefi is the owner of Ebikes USA in Cherry Creek, CO and they are an Aventon dealer that offers personal service to customers (you'd be talking to his staff and not him directly I am sure). Maybe try giving them a ring and seeing what if any parts assistance they can give you.

Lol, I used to work with him...was a little shocked to read his name. Was also a little shocked when I heard he was gonna go sell ebikes.
all u need is a short piece like 8-20cm of the. CABLE THAT GOES TO THE Battery ; After that is obtained from the bad charger , the rest is easy.. source a proper cable with whatever end con. you want and connect the other part of it to the short cable(+|+, -/-). They have no smart bms this cheap ebikes , all u need are the -/+ wires.
I mentioned this before in this thread ;