Your thoughts and suggestions for this

It's the dreaded Unit Pack Power
UPP CAN build a good battery. But it's a custom order. I have a new one I'm pleased with. 35E cells opened and confirmed. Balance BMS, temperature monitoring, pure nickel connectors, and cell separation. BUT, a $450 36V battery.

I wanted it fast and a specific case that EM3ev doesn't build with and Jenny Mao and her group it turns out uses nickel-coated steel and think steel coated with nickel is just fine.
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BTW virtually every ride I take from home reaches speeds at least to mid 30s mph downhill coasting and I have absolutely no problems with rim brakes using pads purchased on Amazon for <$10 for 3 sets.
Test panic stops distances. THAT for me is critical. Money for industry-standard batteries and decent brakes is less than a day in the emergency room. No ill will intended. Again, I've come to appreciate what a committed rider and builder you are. I just think we should be careful as to what we suggest n00bs do. Let them decide after having both sides of the argument(discussion).
OK Guys
I am looking for the required/mandatory spec's to have my battery built,
so I can compare costs etc, for these 2 battery builders, UPP and EM3 EV.

Some of the questions I have are this:
Which of the below spec's are REQUIRED for a good battery build.
(I know nothing about building a battery, or what is required.)

80? cells, 21700 cells equal to 2 - OEM battery's,
( MY OEM LG 21700 battery has 39 cells/13 in series, 3 in parallel, 15ah/720wh x 2 battery's.)
48 or 52V with a quality 30/40/50A BMS? (OEM is 30A)
Quality of the BMS?
Advanced BMS System?
Balance BMS?
Intelligent Dual Battery Balancing Module?

Case/construction methods ? A triangle case with these maximum dimensions =
431mm x 457mm x177mm x 88mm thick/wide. Hard or soft shell construction?

Proper cell connections/ What type?
Is there any cell protection fusing?
Cell separation type?
Temperature monitoring?
Pure Nickel/Brass/Copper connectors ?

What else should I ask about/for?
Your thoughts and suggestion...
Thank you,
No one is going to offer any help or information on the items/spec's that would be needed for a good battery build, I am planning on buying?