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Hey Guys
I have a Wart Hog solid battery case shell, (that is empty, no batteries),
I have been thinking about sending it off to a battery builder,
to build another battery with the proper amount of 21700 batteries,
(I could use a third one, as a emergency back up),
to match my 2 OEM batteries that fit my Wart Hog.

They want $700+ shipping to get one, with these spec's,
which seems kind'a high priced to me.

Here is what is listed as OEM spec's for the batteries.
Battery v/AhCapacity 48V 15 Ah (Each) Dual Batteries Included
Battery Max Capacity30Ah (with both batteries installed)
Battery DetailsLG Chem 21700 Cells
Battery ManufacturerSamsung/Panasonic/LG
Up dated info,
The 21700 battery pack has 39 cells and 13 in series 3 in parallel,
with LG Chem battery's.

Your thoughts and suggestions,
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If it’s a vetted builder in the USA his costs are likely at least 50% higher than a Chinese factory. And he wants to make a living.

What case? Communication wire? Or just positive and negative?

If he’s legit shipping is high and there are hazmat fees.
If you really need a third , price a new OEM battery. If it isn't that much more, buy it and keep the shell in case you damage one of the others.