Compatibility of Bafang FM G320.250 250W DC36V with Swytch 2nd generation controller


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I recently bought a "Bafang FM G320.250.R 26" 250W DC36V Front Wheel Electric Motor Rim". at a cheap price with intention of converting my old mountain bike to an ebike. .
I already have another bike that I converted using a 2nd generation swytch kit. I connected this new wheel to the swytch controller (lsw1542-12m) to see if they were compatible. The pedal assist was very weak and when I tried the throttle there was a of choppy ride like the motor was getting short pulses of power. My question : Is this the type of performance you would expect from an incompatible controller or could this indicate an issue with the motor?
I plan on buying a KT controller that I can program but was just curious.