Very cheap Ceres egravel ebike on ebay


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if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

This looks intriguing. Extremely good price. Sora groupset. “Celexpert” battery which I’ve seen the name of around. Acer geared rear hub. UL certified. $980+$250 shipping.

I think the torque on this one is 45nm, which would make it comparable to the Trek domane electric. Very likely is a cadence sensor in the bb. Kind of a big departure is not using hydraulic brakes but using regular cable pull disc brakes.

I wonder if it’s possible to replace the bottom bracket with a torque sensing bb and if it is possible as well to replace the computer controls. The five levels of assist is a bit clunky imo. I think that for easssist some sort of analog slider would be ideal but no one has done that.