Wrecked my Z1 yesterday - Dusted off my trusty DIY Luna BBSHD FatBike. Rides like shite, but I still love her.

Thanks Mike! Today I've spent all day on the couch pretty much immobilized by my rib pain. I asked my wife or my daughter to help me stand up a few minutes ago. My wife looked at my adult daughter and said: "I've been telling him to stop doing all that dangerous stuff on his bike and he doesn't listen". Then they both went back to what they were doing without giving me a hand. Gonna be a long week.

"I don't get no respect" - Rodney Dangerfield
Second day always hurts more than the first......
Viking1, I live the Broadlands/Brambleton area about 3 miles form the W&OD Trail.
Okay cool. I work up on Rt 601 on Paris mountain. Beautiful area for sure!!