Wife has Liberty Trike


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My wife has had her trike for a 3 months. because of bad weather it has not been ridden too much.

This trike is perfect for her since because of her MS she cannot lift her right leg without assistance from her arm. The low seat and low stepover height are perfect for someone with this disability.

I have been amazed at the power the trike has to conquer very steep hills, 8% grade.

We will update this thread as the trike gets more miles.
I forgot to add, we changed the pedals to Wellgo MTB flats with the raised points to keep her feet from slipping off the pedals.
@MikeDD, I too have MS but in my case it's the left foot that I can't lift without helping it with my arm.

My Liberty Trike arrived today. It's on the charger and I am back at the office; I will test ride it in a couple hours and report back soon.

I see you posted more than a year ago, curious to hear how it has gone for your wife?
@MikeDD, just saw elizilla's post and realized we hadn't heard more about your wife's experience with her Liberty Trike. Looking forward to an update and would love some pics, please :)