What Real World Range Are You Seeing With Your Specialized Turbo?


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I just bought a Como 5.0 with the 600w battery and 1.3 motor.

I'm wondering what sort of range owners are getting out of a full charge on their bikes.

I know Specialized has a range calculator but I wasn't sure if it was accurate or not. Changing between flat, hills and mountains in that tool really fluctuates the amount of elevation that is factored in. For my uses, my elevation is somewhere between what the tool calls flat and hills. 2,000 feet of climb in 40 miles ridden is about average here. Lots of wind though, which wasn't an option listed.

Wondering what factors have the most impact on battery life. Wind, climbing, rider weight/load, tire pressure, etc?

Has anyone been able to figure out a repeatable range for their bike?
I have same bike as you. I did a 30 mile ride this weekend. Terrain is mostly flat, 11th gear as much as possible on turbo. I was intentionally trying to run my battery down. I am 6'0 350lb and certainly not wearing cycling clothes. I got back with enough battery.. I had a lot of range anxiety when I bought the bike because of my size. It appears to be a lot of worrying about nothing. I was running mission control to try and capture data so I could figure out max range in those conditions. It seems to have stopped though at 20.77 miles, I did not think that shutting off the battery would end the workout on the app I would think as long as the app is running it would be able to resume. We stopped for a break and I powered down to conserver battery. So keep that in mind if your on a long cycle and make a pit stop. I'll post the stats from the app. I bought my wife a Como 5.0 Stepthrough also but I think she was using apple health only to track on her watch. I will have to check. Maybe she has data as well. She is not a large woman so her stats would probably be more real world for many riders rather than the stats of an Ape like me. :) As you can see from stats below though if I kept it in eco or sports I could probably easily get 50+ miles out of a battery charge. My butt on a saddle would give out long before the battery did.

Distance 20.77mi
Duration 1:34:08
Avg Speed 13.24
Min Elevation 784ft
Maximum Elevation 859Ft
Elevation gained 314ft
Elevation lost 314ft
Max speed 25.99
Calories 334.88Kcal
Total Consumption 346wh
Average support level 350.82%
A number of times, I have checked my mileage/discharge against Specialized's range calculator and found their estimates to be accurate. My ride profiles matched the elevation gains for "hilly" and "mountainous" rides, none were on the flats.
We don't have enough experience yet to really answer your questions, but here are two data points.

I have a new 2020 Como 3.0 which has the 1.2 motor and a 460-Wh battery. I weigh 195-lbs. Did a 32-mile ride yesterday on a rail-trail with only moderate climbs (~600-ft of total elevation gain). Wind was about 10-12 mph on the nose on the outbound half of the ride. At the 30-mile mark the battery was at 50%.

My bride has the same model bike in low-entry and small frame size, weighs ~130 (I don't ask) and consumed 37% for the whole 32-miles.

We were both in Eco mode the whole time except when we had to stop at road crossings we would bump up to Sport or Turbo to zip across then switch back to Eco. Avg. speed 11.5-mph. Tires at 35-psi.
Jarret, I understand your concern. I have 2018 Vado 6.0 and like you I had range anxiety when I first got it. But the 604 wh battery has fantastic range. I’m around 135 lbs and ride mostly in Sport mode, easily cruising between 17-20 mph. Can easily get 60 miles with mostly flat surfaces.

However one day I had a butt-kicking headwind, over 20 mph and gusting higher. I did make the mistake of trying to hold my normal speed. Big mistake, although I had enough power to get home, that wind drained the battery quickly.

I’m comfortable estimating my range in Eco would be 85-100 miles with only a few whimpy hills. Haven’t tried it because my legs won’t go that far!!

Enjoy your new bike!! I think you will find you will ride it farther and longer than you anticipated.
Many happy miles & smiles to you!
Hmm, I'm 277 lbs. and did a 21.32 mile ride last night at 15.7 mph average with 623 feet of climb and used 55% of the charge.

If my math is right, I'd be out of charge in 31 miles at that pace. Granted, I was making liberal use of Turbo mode as I was riding with some faster riders.

I wonder if that means I could get 50 miles in Eco mode at a more relaxed pace.

Someone mentioned tire pressure. That reminds me, I had my tire pressure at 50psi in the back and 40 psi in the front. Wondering if tire pressure plays a measurable role or not.
Hmm, I'm 277 lbs. and did a 21.32 mile ride last night at 15.7 mph average with 623 feet of climb and used 55% of the charge.

If my math is right, I'd be out of charge in 31 miles at that pace. Granted, I was making liberal use of Turbo mode as I was riding with some faster riders.

I wonder if that means I could get 50 miles in Eco mode at a more relaxed pace.

Someone mentioned tire pressure. That reminds me, I had my tire pressure at 50psi in the back and 40 psi in the front. Wondering if tire pressure plays a measurable role or not.

Using Specialized's ap, https://www.specialized.com/us/en/t...Imperial=true&mode=ECO&terrain=FLAT&stops=FEW

you would be good for 87 miles.
Yeah, that's my concern. If the calculator is accurate. I'm starting to suspect it is not.

I guess time will tell.

Maybe they need a windspeed factor in there as well.
I have a 2019 Vado 5.0 and so far the most I have ridden 48 miles with 40% battery left, this was on gravel for 32 of the 48 miles with 1158' of climbing at an average speed of 17.4 mph. Me plus the gear for the day was about 200 pounds and the wind was a mild 5-10 mph. I rode eco mode going up and on the flats when going into a headwind or cross wind and support off down hill and some flats with a tail wind. I have gotten 28 miles with 800' of climbing at an average speed of 23.9mph on my commute using turbo mode but the battery was nearly used up...with laptop, clothes, lunch and me I am adding about 195 pounds. I have panniers so possibly a little more wind drag...
In my experience, wind and speed are the most significant factors. Your weight is also a factor but only if the terrain is hilly or you are slowing down and speeding up frequently. Hills too, but not nearly as much as you think because every hill has a downhill where you use ~0 power.
But downhill wind resistance dissipates kinetic energy disproportionately. How disproportionate? Check out Specialized's mileage estimator, ascents suck up the battery power. An example (with same variables, rider weight, etc.): flat 67 miles, hills 34, mountains 22.
I have a 2014 Turbo. I have Eco mode set to 70% (I'm almost 74 years old.) and I consistently go 25 miles with 50% remaining at the end of the ride. I ride almost exclusively in Eco mode, and average about 16mph. Terrain is mostly flat with a few moderate hills. Battery was upgraded to the 504 Watt Hour version about three months ago. I've ridden approximately 8,000 miles in the past 18 months. Love the bike, but it's had it's share of electrical / mechanical issues (joystick, wiring harness, original brakes, cassette and chain ring). Most recently, the cassette hub failed. Been waiting for the part for almost 10 days.
I see that a 16 mile round trip commute takes about 45 - 52 percent of the battery.

This is on a Turbo Como 4.0 with the 504 Wh battery. I believe it is the Brose T motor tuned so it can go up to 28 mph.

I weight about 230 pounds, and I am riding in the middle or highest assist setting. I put it into high if there is even the slightest rise or hill in my path. I would say I am going between 17 to 23 mph for the entire trip.

It is about 200 foot net drop going in, and 200 foot net uphill coming back, with several small (50 foot or so) hills along the way.

At first I thought it was pretty much 45% of the battery, but I had a day where it was 52%. I do recall it was pretty windy that day.
On a number of occasions I have check my actual mileage against what the was predicted by the Specialized range calculator and found that prediction to closely compare to my performance on my Vado 3.0. I think the calculator is quite accurate.

Suggest it would be quite helpful if others compared their experience with the prediction for your ebike, weight, etc.

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Here's what I've got for my first few rides on my Como 5.0:


I'm around 280 lbs. as well.
On both my Vado and Como, I can plan on one mile for two percent charge.

If my display reads 80% charge remaining, I will have gone 10 miles+/-

I’m 220lbs and my biking is on hilly terrain (where I live) with some wind.

On flat, with no wind, I do somewhat better.
I’ve had my Como 3 for almost two months now. (450 miles) I wish I understood the terminology of the Mission Control App better. Like, how does it factor Total Consumption, KCAL and Avg. Support Level? Today I rode 18 miles, Max Speed 17.29, Calories 207, Total Consumption 101wh, Avg. Support=173%. I had the Smart Control Button On. I love this bike!!
I am questioning whether the new 2018 Vado 3.0 with Class 3 1.2 motor and 460Wh battery is the right bike for me. The other bike I was considering is a 2018 Vado 6.0 with a Class 3 1.3 motor and 604Wh battery for an additional $450 (both were marked down since they’re older models). Is the extra money worth the additional battery life and the upgraded components? I’m loving the 3.0 but today a 39 mile mostly flat ride sucked up 60-70% of the battery riding in Eco mode. I do sometimes like to ride farther and hillier although it’s mostly used for commuting. What to do? Also, what is the Smart Control Button?? Nothing like that on the 3.0 or any type of read-out that I could access...not sure if the 6.0 has those features. Appreciate your thoughts/input.
My GF has the Como 4.0 and I have the 5.0.

Here are the specs on the 5.0:
BATTERYSpecialized U1-600, On/Off button, state of charge display, 600Wh
CHARGERCustom charger, 42V4A w/ Rosenberger plug
MOTORSpecialized 1.3, custom Rx Street-tuned motor, 250W nominal

And the 4.0:
BATTERYSpecialized U1-500, On/Off button, state of charge display, 500Wh
CHARGERCustom charger, 42V4A w/ Rosenberger plug
MOTORSpecialized 1.2, custom Rx Street-tuned motor, 250W nominal

I think she weighs about 45 lbs or so less than I do and we use up charge at almost exactly the same rate on our rides.

I don't know if that weight difference is the reason or if both bikes burn the battery at roughly the same amount or if they would burn battery if we weighed the same. We'd have to switch bikes/setups for a ride to do that and that's no fun.