Another Turbo Vado Ergonomics Thread

I should also add that I did identify a lighter bike that I liked better than my Turbo Como. A Trek verve+ 4S is very similar, same battery capacity, same upright posture. 8# lighter, rigid front fork, more powerful motor, 28 mph. Very quiet too. I rode it 4 or 5 miles and liked it a lot, but... it would be around $4500 after adding a better display and our 9% sales tax. At least a 2 grand bump over what I could get for my Como. I didn't like it that much better especially since I've figured out how to somewhat deal with the Como's weight.
This thread captures some of what I've been working on with my Priority Current - some muscle pain related to adjusting the handlebars and seat height leading me down the path of ordering new handlebars base on my best guess. I just stumbled across this video of Mary Spender (proofofsweat) getting a professional bike fit. Has anyone had a professional bike fit done and then applied it to an ebike? What was your experience like?