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Yesterday was the first run it till it drops ride. Large heavy rider, 6'3", 210#s. Started with 41.3 volts, traveled 17.5 miles. Shut itself off at 16.5 miles. Removed the battery and tested it within 5 minutes of getting home and got 33.9 volts. Thought that was a little high, had read else where to expect around 28 volt auto shut off.

Thoughts? Your results?

Hate to say it, but except for talking s*it, this site is kind of dead for Sonders specific facts.
Just so you know bud, it is not about the voltage it is about the current. That is why you get no feedback. The voltage is not indicative of how much juice you have left over.
Power is voltage times current. The voltage for the most part is fixed (especially unloaded). Sure, if a battery is completely dead voltage will go down but it is the current that drives the motor.
Therefore, your charge time is the best indicator of how much power you have used. Measuring voltage is kind of a waste of time.
You might want to mention your average speed to give a better idea of your mileage. The faster you go the less distance you will get.
How is that for not talking chit?
When the battery is dead, really at zero, it can do damage. So they set it for some voltage that is safe, hopefully, the LVC. The voltage might drop to 28 even with a light load, but recover to something in the 30's when the load is removed. You would have to monitor voltage under load.
s*it talked. lol! JK.

I don't think a lot of people here invested in the Sonders bike. So there wouldn't be any constructive threads yet. However, keep posting and being a positive member, your bike doesn't matter much. I don't think people here will be less helpful solely because you own a Sonders bike. Good luck with your situation!
Hurley, George thanks.

As far as talking chit, I was referring to the unraveling thread. Seems to be one of the biggest(haven't looked at it since before the deliveries started).

For performance, the button is mashed, 19 mph or better, light pedaling or none except for hills. So I'm pretty happy with a 15 or so mile range. On a gradual incline it takes very little effort to keep the speed up.

I'd like to know if this performance is good, average, or bad? Haven't seen a thread anywhere with any performance or range.
As long as you're "pretty happy" with performance, that is all that matters. Our opinions are relatively meaningless in comparison. In my opinion, 15 miles at WOT on a fat tire bike with over 200 lbs on top of it for well under a grand, is pretty good value. Enjoy the bike and don't worry about voltages and even less, our opinions.
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i would love a 40 mile range, but the battery would probably cost as much or more as the entire bike did.