Turbo Tero X 6.0 or R&M Delite GT Rohloff HD (7500$)


Can someone please help me pick out the right bike for me?

So my LBS offered me the R&M Delite GT Rohloff HS, Front carrier w/bag, 625wh battery, GX option, with Nyon cockpit and Magura piston brake for 7500$. Just 1k more than the Turbo Tero X 6.0

The shop owner told me that is a bargain, and that it is 10x the bike than a Tero.

The MSRP of the bike is close to 12k, so I think I might actually be getting a bargain, and wouldn’t mind fork in an extra 1k if that is the case.

So for you eBikes savy, do you think I am getting a good deal and go for it? Please help me choose.
I bought a Turbo Tero X 6.0 and a similar config Delite was on my short list. Some of my main objections to the Delite were: 2x the price for basically the same bike, and having to wait an unknown amount of time to special order it from Germany. For a $1k upcharge and immediate availability, I might have bought it.

Main reasons you might want the Tero X even with the deal you're considering:

1. The Brose 2.2 motor is slightly more powerful, slightly quieter, and is not part of Bosch's complex (and euro-centric) product line that seems to cause headaches when people need service or replacement. I also knew that Mission Control could do exactly what I wanted with power configuration and I wasn't 100% sure about Bosch (but consult a Bosch owner to know).

1a. Speaking of which, you didn't say exactly which Bosch motor is installed, but if you care about being class 3 that only comes with certain motor options.

2. The Tero X battery has higher capacity. (Of course the Delite is available with a whole second battery integrated, but not in your case)

3. The "hand built in Germany" thing might be more of a liability than a boon. Based on reports from owners, all bikes are slightly different (one may rub where another has plenty of clearance) and R&M's attitude is "don't worry about it" which doesn't sit well with the owner of a $12k bike.
You mean, with the obsolete Bosch system? :D
Pinch me: Is the R&M equipped with the Bosch Smart System?
I read your other comment about similar question, which was in more deep detail and plus @Ben J input and decided to go for the Turbo Tero x 6.0. IMO it has better looks/design, and looks more like a MtB then the Delite. Also the weight was another factor. Plus living 5 mins from a specialized LBS was a big factor.

Huge thanks to the both of you. I will have my new bike on Tuesday.