To the "Karens", and the "Carls" out there😂 Those riding dirty too.

Kph is an accepted way of saying km/h here. We all do that.
I do understand. Now, how would you shorten "metre per second"? :)

Our gallon was 4.54 liters, not 3.78 liters.
Now let us talk a pint of beer! The British pint is far bigger than the U.S. one! :) Good that you Canadians went metric and I don't mind "kph". We all understand each other!
it is Sad
USA will change it laws about throttle E.Bike when more kids get ingerd or cause accident with pedestrian or cars, witch is to bad,
right now the kids are getting away with it because of lazy parents that just want give the kids an E. Motorcycle and say it's bike with providing the kids with no education about riding or rules of the road. I see it every day where I leave. It's scary what I see no helmets wheeling between cars and traffic not stopping at stop signs, not all kids I do see the good ones too that use the crosswalk and obey the rules.
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