GenZe e-Bikes Parts and More Parts, Charity Cycle to the Rescue


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There's GREAT NEWS for GenZe folks. I recently hooked up with Charity Bicycles. I'm an avid cyclist and owner of 2 GenZe e102 e-Bikes. My daily e-Bike has over 16,500 miles. Routine maintenance is a must and it's becoming increasingly difficult to locate GenZe-specifc replacement parts. For example, the proprietary chainring with cadence sensor, crank assembly, bottom bracket (no longer manufactured.)

Dave Wolf is the hard-working, competent owner of Charity Bicycles who manages the repair, refurbishment and donation of hundreds of bikes in Michigan. As GenZe was shuttering their operations in Michigan, Dave purchased and received huge lots of new GenZe parts and bikes which he sells at very affordable prices. They also sell bicycles and your purchase will help support their wonderful work by funding their mission.

Charity Cycles has nearly any part you may need, rear wheel with hub motor, front wheels, BB, they have it. They're sell quite a bit on eBay as well. Email Dave at [email protected] or visit their website