Amalfi e-Bikes, Anyone Hear of the e-Bike and Know About this Brand?


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In searching for a new e-Bike replacement for my true and tired GenZe e101 with over 15,200 miles I came across this e-Bike brand, Amalfi Bikes which, in spite of the suggestive name and scenic company description, is not an e-Bike company rather is part of Viatek Consumer Products Group, a consumer products marketing firm that features home products and goods and also sells thru HSN.
I haven't been able to find any substantive reviews on the bike and brand other than some template write-ups on tech websites that seem to repeat verbatim the same advertising as on Amalfi's website. Even their own website is unclear (if not evasive) on the detailed specs of their components. I couldn't find the motor manufacturer nor where it's manufactured.

- Has anyone purchased an Amalfi e-Bike, heard anything about this company
- Amalfi's "Partners" are described as Shimano, Zoom and CST

However, this Amalfi e-Bike checks off nearly all of my wish list including
  1. Budget -> Priced at $1,600
  2. Belt drive
  3. IGH (I believe by Shimano)
  4. Disk brakes AND a plus, hydraulic
  5. Throttle
  6. My budget is limited to between $1,800 to $2,400 max
To be fair, when researching the company, the BBB for Viatek and their local offices offer a Rating A+ with several complaints against them, nearly all of which were replied to.

Their support page indicates:


888-7-VIATEK (1-888-784-2835)
Email: [email protected]

Viatek Consumer Products Group​

2081 SE Ocean Boulevard #3 A-B
Stuart, FL 34996
This looks like the typical buy a container or two of product... Sell it.. and then disappear.
Domestic Cell battery = as cheap as possible with no quality control
That said it could be an ok product but by the time real reviews surface it will be too late.
On a side note... I've been to Amalfi, I didn't see any 🙃
I'm pretty sure that's a single speed, which you said was a dealbreaker in your other thread. It's a geared hub motor (vs direct drive hub) not an IGH - and yes their description is vague enough to make it easy to assume it is an IGH.